cf:url hmsr parametersThe value of

The working principle of The value of

CK: support cookie 1:0

love Shanghai statistics provided by the JS, is the essence of this code to the page in the introduction of hm.baidu贵族宝贝/h.js, the content of the code according to the following parameters are different, the parameter is h.js? Behind you in love Shanghai statistics in ID.

h.js code at the same time, Shanghai will love statistics to your browser to write a name for "HMACCOUNT" cookie, the expiration date of 2038 for cookie, so as long as you do not empty the browser cookie, will never expire.

Lo: I don’t know.

Analytics and nobility baby love Shanghai statistics data are different, and the difference is very large, the fundamental reason is that the principle and mechanism of statistics is different. Share the noble and love Shanghai baby Analytics analysis to make statistical principle.

love Shanghai statistical analysis


ds: the screen size, such as’ 1024×

h.js has been downloaded, it performs the script to get some browser related information and access information sources, including screen size, color depth, flash version, the user language etc..

CC: I don’t know, usually 1


from the JS code can be obtained, all these parameters include: CC, CF, CI, CK, Cl, cm, CP, CW, DS, EP, et, FL, JA, LN, lo, lt, NV, RND, Sb, Se, Si, St, Su, SW, SSE. V". The significance of these parameters is as follows:

cw:url hmkw parameters

EP: the initial value of ‘0’, the time variable, reflecting the page residence time, format is probably: now the time – load time + "," + another small time value

cm:url HMMD parametersThe value of

768 ‘;

CL: the depth of color such as "32-bit"

ci:url hmci parameters

version of fl:flash

ja:java supports 1:0

cp:url hmpl parametersThe value of

ln: zh-cn

The value of

et: the initial value of ‘0’, if the EP time variable is not 0, it will turn into other

Gets the

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