second, in the site layout. Then, choose good keywords first, we should be the important main keywords and secondary key organic layout in our site navigation, because in addition to the website, the second is that we focus on navigation and optimization where the weight is self-evident, that will be our keyword layout in navigation, have bread crumbs navigation, form a loop, with good access to the spider and access path, especially in the station the first and end keywords cleverly, pay attention to key words in web density control is best not more than 8%, that between 2%-8%, naturally do not deliberately to stack keywords, influence the user’s reading effect, because the user experience caused the site to drop right, so in the construction of the The loss outweighs the gain., too In the process, the appropriate method is good in permeability keywords Keywords tag and description tag, although now has very little weight Keywords tag, but we still need to be careful.

third, friendship connection in the process of the construction of the keywords into thought. As everyone knows, the anchor text is one of the important means to improve the website weight and keywords ranking, friendship connection is our outreach website construction is an important part, so as to the website main keywords and keyword as auxiliary anchor text and others. Some new friends in the company, the name of the web site and others. The author thinks that, secondly it is not appropriate, link exchange process, pay attention to the mutual exchange and their own website peer or similar sites, increase the connection between their own >

first, selection and positioning of keywords. This is very important, here I would like to remind you that the choice of keywords is not equal to the set we want to optimize the words now, when we choose the keyword first, pay attention to key words conversion rate, because the enterprise website is to profit as the ultimate goal, the high conversion rate of the word that we focus on words, secondly, keyword search volume, search volume means that the degree of competition, the higher the search volume is relatively more intense competition, the author suggested that the enterprise according to the investment and economic strength, competitive resources conditions are relatively fierce words is no ground for blame. Secondly, long tail keywords grasp. The long tail word we generally use the page to optimize the long tail word in the title and page layout, improve the site ZhengZhan weight, long tail word will also bring good traffic and conversion rate.


enterprise website operation and optimization according to their own experience, the author found that corporate website must carefully consider the related strategies and analysis of the Shanghai dragon in the site before, because the Shanghai dragon thought clearly not only good target customers and to choose the precise flow in the site before, high conversion keywords low rate of competitive selection is crucial, today I take enterprise station before we need to consider the Shanghai dragon strategy and share with you.

The author has been engaged in the work of the

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