home location is important, but also can not ignore the channel list page and page keywords deployment, in many cases the channel page and page list is also the user’s landing page, in fact, from the user point of view to think when the channel page and list pages as the landing page is more appropriate, more reasonable, let the user enter the page later, will be able to choose, more conducive to the user experience. In determining the channel page and page list of keywords, the need to pay attention to is the best in the title tag keywords should be reduced, a different page title tag different channel page and list pages to the best, more need to select the appropriate keywords, and rational allocation of the same before and after the key words > off

home key position Keywords

for Shanghai dragon optimization, all walks of life can be better, but the operation process need to pay attention to is that you need to fully understand the website customer groups, fully aware of their true needs, only in this way can really give precise, believed to bring the effect is extraordinary. However, the medical industry of Shanghai dragon has been more rampant, want to further breakthrough, especially in the key breakthrough on the need to increase efforts to pinpoint key words is very important, is directly related to the site later ranking show and conversion rate, and positioning in Shanghai Longfeng medical website keywords are relatively easy to be ignored, and no pay more attention to the height. The medical website how to locate keywords? I also according to their own experience, talk about personal thoughts and opinions, hope to interact with colleagues, that is not very good, please forgive me.


, 3 channel page and list page keywords location


home key positioning is very important, because the first page of the weight is often higher than the channel page, content page, so in the choice of words many friends choose keywords difficult as the page title tag (title), personal experience, the home should be moderate in the degree of competition is now keywords, should not be too large, and some to comply with the overall planning of the site, at the same time we must focus on brand building of words, the latter often effect brand word than the general keyword conversion rate.

when positioning must understand the current stage of the search search habits of the user, can learn from the love of Shanghai index, long tail word development tools for simple control, a high quality search word, often brings great traffic and conversion rate, attract more target customers. Of course, in the choice of keywords, focus on keywords transaction types, the type of keywords higher conversion rate. Of course when the page title tag should not be too much, so as to avoid weight dispersion, the general case is 2-3 key words. For example: psoriasis psoriasis treatment hospital _ best hospital _ psoriasis where treatment is good _ hospital name, if pay more attention to brand transformation, words can be written as: the name of the hospital – a hundred years brand of Department of gynaecology. Of course, sometimes in order to more accurately lock regional users, plus regional restrictions.

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