actually, I believe in "love is really tangled sea K station", holding a kind of luck over and over again to love Shanghai channel complaints owners, most of them are not really mean to cheat — perhaps their content quality is not high. The real cheating website won’t have time to complain, they change the domain name, immediately began with the search engine "the cat is afraid of mice, that is the legend of the game.

A5 Wyatt with marketing 贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝 must be emphasized, although love Shanghai "K station" exists in a large number of "manslaughter", and the proportion is not low, but certainly, the more K website is not love Shanghai "".

it is natural, is not wrong, but to remind the owners of these is, since it has been K station, we must make the best of a bad job, from thinking we do stand the purpose of strengthening the planning of the site, not just the only way to love Shanghai included as a website promotion into the flow of time, what "the egg cannot be put in a basket" is the truth — the reason we haven’t.

two is not unique original content website. ZAC said: "this is not really a punishment, just put low quality content to give due ranking. But for the webmaster, the equivalent of being punished ".

Now more and more webmaster

in fact, further to go on and behind the above two points contain one of the most fundamental reason is that most K sites have a goal to stand the problem is not clear, only to hear people say, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon is very easy, very easy to be able to get a lot of search traffic, and others, all the original "false", in order to obtain a large number of links to the rankings continue to "chain", once the site is in love with the sea K station, there is no any website promotion channels, completely trapped.

in an interview before, "ZAC said the site to be search engine K It is without rhyme or reason." stand or be reduced when said: "the most is the site itself problem". He believes that one is excessive optimization, such as "keyword stuffing", then such as "the quality of the chain greatly increased within a short period of time" (large-scale trading links), large-scale "content is meaningless with keywords" and "chain" behavior, "brush ranking" behavior.

at the end of the day, the "love Shanghai earthquake" most K station, is right down the website is the two reason, even the vast majority of the site the combination of the two, just how much different.

is the best time for wound healing, and to go along with the fleeting time, many love Shanghai K station, Shanghai dragon ER has been restored calm, should think seriously about how to operate the site when the.

as can be imagined, in mind, is to restore as soon as possible love Shanghai, love Shanghai to further restore the keyword ranking.

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