we’ll try to understand what is false original, pseudo original come from? The so-called pseudo original is the re processing of an article, which make the search engine that is the original article, so as to improve the site weight. In order to put out the amount collected, in order to let the search engine to better remember the website, pseudo original application and. Because the required amount, so all the original is difficult to achieve, so when the pseudo original is the best choice, but the search engine is difficult to distinguish, so a lot of the pseudo original era was born.

webmaster are very familiar with the pseudo original word, the website content from the initial irrigation to the pseudo original also experienced a lot of time, and the search engine algorithm has also been improved, each change, let many webmaster be taken by surprise, as in July 28th, a change in the sea, and so many websites and die, many owners also do not know why not knowing why it is so so, well actually ended up this? Before the change without notice before the change without notice, perhaps as a webmaster, perhaps after the pseudo original will be judge cheating, perhaps not, perhaps today, so it can survive the pseudo original how long? On this issue, and we talk about my personal ideas and opinions.

in turn we stand to think in the perspective of a search engine, pseudo original also necessary to end, love Shanghai is Chinese search leader, stand in the boss’s position, is bound to consider his future development, when the user experience is not good, not the readability of things, then the user is not for a long time.

with the pseudo original birth, then another problem is out. These pseudo original is the search engine, and not for the user, so the readability of the content is relatively poor. Can only say that garbage more content, from the user point of view, this article is not readable, it would be difficult to retain customers, so it continues, is bound to affect the user perception of search engine. The user is God, God is not satisfied, we will know that the search engine will do what? The original artifacts from this point of view, and not long has been developed, it has been bound to affect the healthy development of the network.

from the above point of view, pseudo original crisis has come, but also to become more and more close to the. So there are 7. The 28 major events, sooner or later will be out of the event, with the trend of the development of the times is bound to. At present, the search engine has continued launched to identify false original article and re judging mechanism, has been more and more smart, not false original, in the search engine algorithm more accurate today, the first is a keyword in the article, it is the core vocabulary, the core vocabulary of more than 70 similarity, will be put into pseudo the original screening database, from this point of view, it is very difficult to pseudo original existence. But now the search engine on the pseudo original punishment is quite serious, right down, not included. Let it be taken by surprise.

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