1, the chain effect of many, can improve the site’s effect for website weight and keywords ranking score and transfer / correlation. A high quality of the external links can be brought to the site of good IP, learn the chain resources of mining. Outside the chain of resources is not to say that there are, and we need to dig accumulation. Find some and the site itself correlation is high and there is a certain weight can be the link site but this is a bit difficult, because now a lot of advertising platform.

5, the chain link note: 1: anchor text cheating (such as the use of false anchor text) for example: >

4, the chain link: 1: link anchor text keywords is 2: the hyperlink is a link URL link 3: pure text site URL and without 3W. Hgxjwbocai贵族宝贝 4: the article page address is not HTTP or 3W in the absolute address page URL, the platform can send more and most pure text links good effect is less likely to delete,

2, and the chain layout analysis methods according to their competitors can we all do a, in line with their own resources to find out.

today is my study in Shanghai dragon optimization training a month graduation day, it is not easy! From a grassroots of Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge do not know what, to know well of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and optimization to get everyone masters praise, this is my most happy to party. I like this for a month every day to work overtime to 10 pm, Saturday and Sunday are still learning, even have no time to accompany a friend. Hair out a lot, this day is finally coming to an end. Also I should write a graduation thesis handed me admire Xie master like college, I joked with him that one day I would like to go beyond your master, become Shanghai dragon master, at that time I was master Li. I know that in a short period of time may be very difficult to go beyond the master, but I believe that as long as we work hard to keep pace with the times to follow Shanghai Longfeng optimization steps become the master is not a dream, today I only break out the chain steps and ideas which has included: the chain effect analysis of the chain to mining / resources / competitors / link / chain note the link; the content is not much but very practical.

3, the chain: 1: using advanced instruction such as inurl and intitle two kinds of instructions for methods, the chain of 2: some portal and local school and most of them have a forum can be registered and love Shanghai to the public welfare platform trust degree is high, 3 to 2 more weight platform: snapshot every day to the best. 4: the chain resources at present common Forum blog B2B library classification also some network download network portal message B2C 5: find something to contribute a large amount of platform and reproduced, some high quality the chain, such as A5 network home owners to extrapolate a Shanghai dragon news platform of sina Tencent love Shanghai NetEase people贵族宝贝.cn etc. a lot of articles as much as possible to write some technical articles to reprint and spread of.

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