1. new promotion plan: for example, XX product promotion plan, promotion plan, day night > push

in the account center we can see some basic account information, such as the name of the account balance, promotion. Incidentally, the first contact the client I feel too much information, a lot of operation can not start, have small spent time to love Shanghai, slowly groping for a few hours, I know that some.

search engine marketing: English Search Engine Marketing, we usually referred to as "SEM". According to the use of search engine users to retrieve information by the user the opportunity to try to marketing information to target users. The common SEM like Shanghai for promotion, 360 dotting platform, Sogou promotion and service time what search promotion etc.. The use of the majority is love Shanghai, after all, is not the user has several other promotion platform can be compared. Digital cube small to talk is also love Shanghai today, Xiao Bian just recently in charge of a small love Shanghai for promotion project, dare not say in effectiveness, or at least to mean Shanghai bid is going on. Small make up the problems encountered in the practical work and experience for everyone to see, see a love Shanghai "auction specialist daily".

small vaguely remember last Monday, 520 a few days later, I received the manager’s task is to code: "there is a love of Shanghai for promotion of the small project this afternoon, you are ready, I’ll give you the account password, you are responsible for." Love Shanghai for promotion, Xiao Bian never really started to contact, but also understand what is going on. The most intuitive feeling is that the user search keywords in the search engines love Shanghai, will be on the front page top or bottom right and your position information (recent love Shanghai promotion has been adjusted, the lower right part of promotion has been canceled), then click on the corresponding user information will jump to your product or promotion service "to your marketing message is delivered to the user, of course, one click immediately from the love of Shanghai promotion account deduct money. I know a little bit about the promotion of first impression and small series should be similar, but small than they know so lost, but also know the keyword selection, promotion of creativity, keyword recording, bid keywords and so on, as we explain below 11.


love Shanghai promotion have a background and the corresponding promotion client, small common client. Login to the client, you can see the top column account center, search marketing, web promotion, health promotion, education promotion, marketing and investment promotion, Q & a small flash, is mainly used to search promotion.

small sums up, to promote the operation steps, in general can be as follows:


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