this is good, we can look at their industry website, look at other data not too bad website is the chain must be in the front row. The answer is negative, the author make a point reading pen website, called small Master point reading pen, the chain is only more than 2000, but some of the chain number than me twice and three times the site behind this phenomenon is not surprising, as long as you look carefully you can find this site. If you use the tool check if you can find such a problem, basically as long as the chain domain more sites generally row in front of the chain of domain name website less. This description of a problem: for the chain in terms of the total domain name is more important than the total number of links. The second point is to change the mentality, from the previous pursuit of the total number of the chain into a number of the pursuit of the chain of domain name. This is said we often brought wide problems. 100 domain names have a link to their must have better effect than the 100 we link 1 domain name.

this sentence is a bit vague, the author explain. Before we do the chain method is to leave our website links even finished in the third party website, so sometimes we just leave it to a link, the result is leading to a lot of spam links, such as the author is reading pen products, I went to some entertainment gossip websites do link, the forum replies to a "top" and "good" and so on, this link is called spam links. Especially when you send the site itself weight is not high that this link is not worth. I think we should try to do in the time of the link to find some related theme of the site to do, choose the guiding ideology chain website should first is whether the site, followed by the related website weight is high enough. Because of personal experience is limited, do some useless links rather than spend time, we might as well before careful selection of qualified chain battlefield. This is not only for themselves in order to save time, reduce the workload, but also to cater to the needs of foreign chain related search engine.

, not to the chain chain

two, not in pursuit of the number of chain to chain

do not know if you have not found love now in Shanghai for the chain this piece has produced some changes, from a previous update is more prominent, many friends said that the chain have been deleted in many forums, this is a very common phenomenon. If you have watched it, you will find the deleted links are some BBS signature links, if the chain is not high total forum deleted more. Through the observation of some station, now the chain mentality is due to a change in order to adapt to the change of love in Shanghai. So from what aspects change? I think it should be from the following two aspects to change, not to do outside the chain chain; two is not to go outside the chain to the pursuit of quantity and.

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