, a construction site

website construction should consider the following:

7. the content of the website pictures can not be too large, too slow to open the page, affect the user experience, try to keep the pictures around 200K in the product list page products too much, try to keep the picture within 50K.

2. JS code as concisely as possible, try not to put in the page, can put in an JS file, and then call

two, positioning analysisHave a great relationship positioning layout

website construction should follow the "fast speed priority value" principle, so in the construction site should be taken into account during the follow the rule of the search engine and a good user experience.

last year after the 6.22 event, love Shanghai search rules change frequently. Of course, the majority of owners are very angry, I am also, all of the station almost all died, but work. Here is a book I write to the enterprise of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, I believe that also applies to the current search, I hope all of you a little help.

The other remaining

6. space, not often open the case;


3. page layout is simple and elegant, the columns on the front, so that users can find what they need quickly, for example, in front of the "contact us" on the "news center";

In order to maintain the stability of the

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5. sites have bread crumbs, is a navigation bar, let the user know in what position, but also a fast return on a directory;

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1. "code written using DIV+CSS, the key content to use more text and pictures, to minimize the use of flash, because the search engine text recognition function is far greater than the flash and

keyword distribution to keywords and description.

If there are other products > Keywords images;

a website with the success of Shanghai dragon website keywords, so we must first determine the site keywords before the Shanghai dragon, the distribution of keywords to reasonable position optimization. According to my cool arrangements, arrangements for the website keyword.

4. each page should have a unique title (title), so as to Shanghai dragon and can improve the user experience;

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