for the small enterprise general path hierarchy is generally three layer finally, up to more than five layers, because the multi-level spider would cost the spiders crawl time is not conducive to the customer experience


yuan (Fuzhou Shanghai dragon ink decoration network http:>

2, dynamic URL can not generate the path is generally need to write dynamic code

The path page !


of a website is the one and only the number of different paths but sometimes default can also access the same page, the spider will think this path is based on different pages, so this will lead to reduced page weight, 301 power can avoid such problems.

This two

path to a fixed path of

2, Fuzhou decoration company length is not too long

Two, what is the url

four, Fuzhou decoration company website 301 centralized

1, static URL does not need the information in the database is a static

pseudo static path

4, if it is the path of the dynamic parameters must not be over, one to two for

For example: 贵族宝贝cslvdi贵族宝贝/

three, url

first recognize the importance of URL optimization

1, Fuzhou decoration company deep level, generally more than six

, a decoration company in Fuzhou URL

3, Fuzhou decoration company invalid path and content

invalid content and the path is a waste of time

The conversion of

URL is a web link, "the path, each page corresponds to a URL, the one and only a path that is based on the path to the spider to grab our website, so the optimization of URL is convenient spiders in our website, which is included in the premise, if the URL path is not convenient spiders that directly cause not included.

in site planningAuthor: spiders don’t love the decoration company in Fuzhou

path length is too long is not a spider love, is not conducive to the customer experience

decoration company ranked 贵族宝贝nibajia贵族宝贝/ ink yuan Shanghai Longfeng introduction: dynamic URL has no effect on the normal search engine. URL is dynamic or static to the search engine has no effect, but it is recommended to minimize the variable parameters contain dynamic URL, which helps to reduce the length of URL, can also reduce the risk of falling into a black hole to search engine

3, pseudo static URL like discuz forum platform is used

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