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2, Shanghai dragon to help find customers and potential customers

The use of

we are separate websites on the Internet, how to let users pay attention to what we do, the search engine can help us achieve. The Shanghai dragon can help find potential products and target customers accordingly, improve the site’s potential. In fact, many enterprises in Shanghai dragon under the help of the successful promotion of their products to enhance their own business, it’s hard to imagine, if there is no search engine optimization, how will we? Products can not find the user, business is difficult to improve, so we will spend more time, effort and money to promote the product, so we need to search engine optimization.

3, Shanghai dragon can bridge the gap between

said the Shanghai dragon will never die for many friends but to the sofa, are mainly in the following four.


1, Shanghai dragon money

, a

is not immortal

search engine is to help enterprises to promote their products, the content as we all know, Shanghai dragon is very important, to help users who are not familiar with your site, for them, Shanghai dragon is a good bridge between the site and to them, even in the search engine change rules at the same time, Shanghai dragon experts can also keep pace with the times, maintain good communication between the user and the site.

keyword, content, target audience, divert traffic, create links, analysis of the website, the use of social media, to eliminate technical error, optimize video / >

two, Shanghai dragon will never die

Shanghai dragon immortal? Say there is no eternal myth in the Internet industry, Shanghai dragon will create this myth? From two aspects.

a netizen is such that the "look at this great tombstone, seems to be perfect in Shanghai Longfeng once brilliant Huashangjuhao, under the engine update algorithm, Shanghai dragon can go far?" after I understand, found in the 628 Shanghai new love, this is the webmaster friends website K, so the views expressed staff reference.

saw a picture at a recent forum, whether this is a picture of who is issued, and whether the PS, but on the whole, this picture is indeed caused the stationmaster of a lot of attention, the picture is as follows:

although the Shanghai dragon help you make money so many online investment enterprises have great doubts, but through a search engine guidelines, it can enterprises get more opportunities, as long as the user clicks, as long as the user in the search engine can search relevant keywords first to you, then you can earn more interest.


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