website original content is difficult to write out the relationship between things, many owners are not professional, occasionally to reprint copy and paste some peer content, in a series of pseudo original, but also every peer will update a website, then you wouldn’t like everybody else, so little update frequency every day, the content of the website where will be included, even if you have 30 days to update a full 3 months was 90, the content of your site update so little spiders crawl it rarely, it will occasionally to grab a snapshot of your love, Shanghai also will slow down the website, updated more frequently, the spider is more frequent, the website grab chance is bigger, then you also have included not tall? Unfortunately, many owners don’t love updates, nor what The content can be updated, lazy is everyone’s habit, not a lot of related web content, but the weight is not very high, not even.

website is a very troublesome problem, when most webmasters exchange Links will see the site collected snapshot, love Shanghai and other factors to exchange, but some web sites included is not good, always break a bottleneck, stop there, there are many more sites included the long tail word acquisition. Or rely on the target keyword is not much traffic, not to mention what conversion rate. Not a collection of content not included in Shanghai love oh, also not included more web traffic also more oh. To analyze the reasons affecting the website included:

three new and old domain name advantage

two, the content of the website

Update less

many webmaster know love Shanghai has a review period, which is 3 months ago, even if you try to update, how to write the original article, included or very slow, even for a long period of time are not included, do not say that the original content will be included in Shanghai love you, why always love Shanghai with Adsense on? Unfortunately after the station was included, the content of the site may have been grab, has not been released, the search engine such as a big update, the former included will slowly release, but this time is very long, even a little weight, or break the website, do love Shanghai in order to prevent some cheating, resulting in a large number of Internet garbage, in this period of time, certainly remove part of the page, the love of Shanghai is also included 76 query pages, There is a limit, or love Shanghai server will burst, but also examine whether new cheating during, or is this website already did not have what meaning, to increase the audit period of time there will be trouble.

has the old domain data recorded in the search engine, when to do a new advantage, more often than the new domain name do the new station, outside the chain of the old domain previously released may not be deleted, even has existed for a long time, when a spider crawling to the site, have found new new sites, but also hold on


, a new audit period

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