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as Shanghai dragon ER, Links exchange is also a very important work in the process of optimization, who hope that their website can meet a few high quality links, but people are a bit selfish, so we are in the process of exchange will determine the other site, and then determine the quality this link, finally we will decide whether to do it or not, the construction site in Zhengzhou according to their own experiences to share their experiences in exchange Links: (now Shanghai friends tend to experience sex, the love of Shanghai)

If we do when The number of

has the experience of a friend should know, when we go to exchange Links and others, the first sentence is a lot of people ask you how much the snapshot is the date, because the snapshot can reflect a website by the search engine’s favorite date, more new, on behalf of the spider climb more frequently (you can find a lot of weight the site snapshot is the next day, and every day the update), so when we exchange Links can put this love in front of Shanghai.

at the Shanghai

we can open the website of the other side, and then look at the content of the website quality. If the quality of the content is very poor, even if the collection is very good, so we also need not consider the site. (because many of my friends will build resource site, there is a continuous acquisition, continuous pseudo original, many articles are written to the search engine, is very difficult, but we read that many sites are included is very good)

The quality of website content

Zhengzhou construction site in the exchange process, will give each other the number of Links included in this regard, the website of the other side weight judgment, the general recommended the site does not exceed 30. I believe this is very good understanding of it, a big watermelon, the more people you have less, but also such website weight, number of links more, get less.

and Links, if other good keywords ranking, (if we peer site is better), we refer to the previous data, this site we still love, a lot of potential customers is through the link of friendship.

six with the command to see other data

two is included in the site of

included site can also reflect the weights of a web site, we can see that a lot of weight high site included is very good, this is the best reference site rate, here many friends will say a lot of garbage collection site is also very good, good, the third point is that we must the content of the site quality.

five Links.

four web site keywords ranking

snapshot of love

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