as everyone knows, customers can be detonated site traffic, in fact, have been observed in many traffic sites, found a lot of traffic sites have their Shanghai Longfeng characteristics, this article, by using some pictures of traffic to the website of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix skills to tell these flow optimization tips and if you want to take a picture of the site, so I hope this article can give you some advice.

after the search has been shown, but is more similar, that this figure has been marked by many webmaster, so as to obtain the keyword ranking, also shows that the ALT on the other hand to a picture of the search ranking opportunity, can get more traffic. PS: Generally speaking, the alt attribute is the same and the title of the website, in many websites, this setting can be passed to the image correlation by Title Correlation, can also attract a possible relationship between flow.


this is the search engine to find these pictures named party >


URL is also a picture can bring traffic place for us, especially the picture below this path, including the URL and picture naming, it stood in the search perspective and explore the way out of the ordinary, so as shown in the figure is a search result, the search is "xiaoqingxin", as shown in figure

believe that many webmaster all understand the importance of alt attribute to the picture, so here, suddenly want to ask, what is the role of the title attribute for the picture? ALT and title are pictures of the attributes, so what is to chant and role between the two? You can think about Oh, finally reveal the answer here; it mentions the use of ALT tags to the picture, in the picture of general properties, add "alt=" to this field, why, because ALT can explain this is a picture of what to do with, in many sites on the abandoned alt attribute, so that search engines do not know what is. Detailed description of this picture, in fact, the ALT property in addition to explaining this picture is doing, there is a greater significance is that the picture can be obtained in the search engine rankings, As shown below,

The first point:

ALT tag using

URL picture and picture naming wayIn fact, .



this picture I have been described, but the seventeen year old alt= really like yesterday or Li Da Ren I may not love you ", so we in the search engine, image search, search for such a word, you can look down, as shown in figure

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