2. familiar with customer products and services of rival

website optimization seven steps:

analysis of customer groups, to determine the site Keywords:

will confirm the final customer website optimization Shanghai Longfeng target in business negotiations and customer, have a clear goal to a better arrangement of specific work. This goal can be long-term, strategic significance, it can be short-term, but whether it is short-term or long-term, we must set the goal can be achieved under the premise, do not set an impossible target. Then the target decomposition to specific monthly, weekly and daily stage goal.

two. Familiar with customer products and services, research competitors:

(3): external data quantity and quality of chain, chain, chain home station, brand awareness.

Optimization of the internal

(1) basic data: website age, included quantity, included rate, snapshot freshness. (you can use love station network query tool)

The analysis of

we need to establish the data model through the aspects of content, each item be recorded in detail, write

5.Shanghai dragon

6. decomposition stage target


3. client user groups, determine the site keywords

it is our own website or Shanghai dragon to their company website optimization, or to provide the customer service of Shanghai dragon, Xiao Quandu hope that we can do a detailed plan before the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon began to work, don’t be afraid of time, only have plans to go to work, in order to make efficiency greatly improve, do more with less, if not a good plan, probably will spend more time to organize ideas. (Xiao Quan now mainly do customer service optimization ranking, so from the customer’s perspective to write a

7. site monitoring

Sun Tzu have cloud: "the enemy, can put in, to optimize the battle." before, we must first understand the customer’s products and services, and the competition website. Customer products and services through customer sites or directly communicate with the customer to understand the key, write down what some analysis from competitors.

The effect of

1. Shanghai dragon target

analysis and understanding of the customer.

. A confirmation of Shanghai dragon target:

(2): TITLE station optimization design, the description of the written on text, headings (H1, H2, URL), processing, link depth, the use of Nofollow, the directory page and the content page optimization etc..


4. website and websiteThe construction site outside the chain of

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