fourth is the focus on the promotion, promotion is another effective strategy to shorten the period of the love of Shanghai, the promotion is not a simple love Shanghai through bidding, instead of using the chain or Links way, which Links is the most important way is the rapid and effective way to find Links website the weight is relatively high, the appropriate circumstances can also spend money to do so, this can be appropriate to do some outside the chain, but.

second to set the key words, add some content, when the website framework and template recognition, it is necessary to further supplement the content of the website, this is the basis of the content itself has a certain shape, and then again on the basis of appropriate daily updates, updated content and keywords to remain the same, or the long tail keywords model construction. Because of the love in Shanghai included new sites of the website after a period of study, this process often according to the update frequency and the content of the site quality will have a different time to adjust, the higher the general quality of the rich content, the website of the study period is short, and ranked after the end of the study will be higher, on the contrary will the lower, thus it is the key point to improve website ranking strategy multiplier.

The basic framework of

first site did not establish success will not be able to rush to online, and promotion, it is easy to make a lot of trouble when the webmaster, webmaster friends discover that you have a good idea, think this site can harvest their certain interests, will be eager to make their sites on the line, so the side to buy the domain name and space, after the online purchase template, rush to the line, if found to have what bad, began to change in the Internet, this pattern is the most taboo love Shanghai, because the site every day in the dynamic change, which makes love Shanghai search engine is difficult to adapt. Finally, will think that this is not the final forming site, not to be ignored, naturally it is difficult to improve website ranking.

third is to focus on the structure of the website, the website structure is an important factor affecting the love of Shanghai, now too many websites on the Internet the same model architecture, but also love Shanghai for waste site strike is very powerful, so in your website structure to ensure relative novelty, even if it is to buy the site, also want to reflect the out of the ordinary characteristics in detail, so as to enhance the degree of concern and love Shanghai, can shorten the period of love in Shanghai.

is a web site on the line just how to love Shanghai as soon as possible is included, and get better ranking? On the Internet has a lot to think from the content of the website and the chain under the time, but I believe that these two aspects although very important, but it’s only the foundation, then need to practice in the process of cost more time and energy, but in fact most of the time when a new website, as long as some of the main strategies and techniques, in the short term are included and love Shanghai to obtain certain ranking is not impossible, here is to discuss the five aspects of these multiplier skills.

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