website content is king of the law has not changed, a good site to be successful, the most fundamental is the content of quality do well. But once the website expands, will obtain more resources and channels to further strengthen their content, consolidate their content wangzhongwang status. The Matthew effect of website content is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

, 1 station acquisition station content. High weight website content again, small website did not dare to act rashly to start collecting, and high weight website if it is found that the original content of high quality small website, can be collected in a flagrant way over, also do not have the brains to pseudo original, a copyright can openly on own website. While search engines, small site because the weight is low but may be recognized as a collection of cheating, especially when small website content has not been included, the living can only swallow this grievance. Sometimes not major acquisition, but the third person to the content of the site moved to the station, the result is the same. Big website can pass this way to enrich its content, and small websites to be careful, often unjustly punished.



3, there are numerous well-known websites to enrich the contents of master submission. A website is bigger and stronger, naturally there are a lot of people master to free him enrich the content, but also provides are of high quality content, such as soft wen. Websites such as A5, a lot of people to master its contribution, so the content of the website will become better and better, the site will be more and more powerful. Small website or personal website only their hard codeword, the efficiency is very low, but the quality is not good. But an editorial written more, the more you will find nothing to write, update speed may be slower and slower.

Matthew refers to the good better, bad worse, much more, a phenomenon is less and less. It can be summed up as: any individual, group or region, once in a certain area (such as money, fame, status) success and progress, it will produce an accumulation of advantage, there will be more opportunities to achieve greater success and progress. The Matthew effect is very apparent in the Shanghai dragon, especially in the content construction is especially evident.

Shanghai dragon in the chain in which >

2 station, less susceptible to spam. A website once a certain size and weight, get the trust of the search engine, timely website spam, also do not have to worry about the punishment of the search engine. Because of the small website because of the search engine trust not made, the content of the scrutiny will be larger, once the garbage information, it will be more sensitive, easy to search engine punishment. The site is larger, the higher the weight, the search engine’s tolerance is higher, vice versa. We usually see a lot of garbage information on the site, but fell in love with the sea collects no mistake, this is a typical example.



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