chain is essentially the extension of our website on the Internet through the link, the search engine spiders can follow the index web data; through the link, we can effectively transfer the part of the site to the weight, ranking; through the link, can bring a part of the watch for our customers. I think everyone is that the chain is to transfer the weight, rankings. Yes, this is undeniable, but the problem is the search engine now become extremely sensitive. The chain do not, but will play a negative role

can we do in order to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon! We will in accordance with the idea of the user, the user wants to get some of what content, then we will write what content. Of course, you should have the ability of writing. In fact, this is not a problem, I believe that each of us can write original, but the key question is who insist for a long time. We can direct the propaganda website in the soft name, without leaving the link, why not do it? If your article is good enough, adhere to the brand of pure text language propaganda, is very OK. Here, Xiaoran emphasize that if you write articles really very cow, then you are at the end of the article, the website links with. This might not be! But we must pay attention to the rhythm.

next, we started second problems — the chain really useful?

?We start from the essence of !

? The

actually, we do not put in the chain before Jingxiaxinlai think: why do we do what the chain? Chain really useful? How to do the chain

love with Shanghai again and again in the chain of the algorithm update algorithm in recent Scindapsus aureus again pointed out that with all the text links are to be given a soft drop right or value. I also, after hearing the news, they really don’t know how to do the chain to do.

chain is.

then, one last question, how do we have specific ideas to do outside the chain of

two, adhere to the original, insist on submission.

the answer is always yes. The search engine ranking algorithm will consider the chain in which only the score computed how many, what are the ways we can make nothing of it. But it is certain that we will continue to do the chain, I do not say to continue to do, we should be good at discovering, for example the chain you can go to look at your competitors, to look at the chain rankings than you test site. I think people can row in front of you, naturally has his reason. We will find one by one analysis, the chain of the secret.

, despite the Shanghai dragon, directly from the user’s point of view.

I think, if we can in the draft, indicating that the quality of itself is certainly very good. >

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