: mobile search compared with PC devices will tend to be more localized

three: mobile search is relatively more prone to error


from this point of view is not surprising, mobile devices compared with PC devices in the input device has some limitations. Mobile devices generally do not have PC equipment that accurately input keyboard, and confined to the small screen, click on the target will be smaller. For this, as we do in the optimization > mobile device search

it is easy to understand, we generally use a mobile device to search for nearby related information. For example, I want to find a nearby parking lot recently, the nearest cafe near the nearest restaurant etc.. We use PC search, is looking for some more extensive information, information, updates, such as the recent love Shanghai’s recent Google algorithm update algorithm and so on. We can see from the data. Microsoft has released a mobile search data, data show that the use of mobile devices will be in the search on to 53% users to find local information.


: two different time periods using

in today’s society, the important role played by mobile devices in daily life. How about a modern society has several never heard of iPhone, such as iPad or Android keywords popular mobile devices. Especially in the mobile phone, most people already cannot do without mobile phone equipment. Data show that in 2015, the number of accessing the Internet via mobile devices will be more than PC. With more and more people interested in mobile network, as search engine optimization, are you aware of this change is affecting the world search, affecting Internet marketing. Although the mobile device is not enough to match the PC equipment, but to search traffic on mobile devices is a piece of cake can not be ignored.

then in the mobile search optimization before, do you understand that it is different and you are familiar with PC equipment search? Only a real understanding of these differences can make your optimization to achieve a multiplier effect, so what is the big difference between the two

PC mobile search time and PC search

in a day, we use mobile devices there is a big difference between the time of search and use of PC equipment to carry out search time. We can according to the latest Google mobile advertising data show that general search using PC equipment are in working time, and in the morning a few points to five points this afternoon for a period of time. Use a tablet computer to search the user generally appears in six in the evening to eleven p.m.. Mobile phone equipment is in a steady increase in the trend of all day long. The search time between this point on mobile devices and PC big difference.

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