blog has launched what holidays live, as long as you can give in to a certain fraction of reward, there is a NetEase blog every day to write mood can be added to, every day can write 10, a total of 10 points, not just write what is written. Anyway, you have a purpose, if not finished satisfactory to you can immediately delete, delete is no effect for a bit! Sina blog traffic can brush their own, also personally operation, if those IP brush tool is of no effect, only manual! Brush once added a

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four, sharing our article.

three, the blogFor example,

two, every day to write the log

every day to write two articles, in general can get 10 points. The original article is not only visitors love, love is the search engine, if you are a writing good webmaster, every day can take the time to write some original article! You say nothing to write is really not what relationship, you can reprint articles others, to his own blog. As long as the hair to 2, you have completed the bonus task! His blog is of a log, write your own, if you find some logs to delete, by your operation, the blog thing you can delete, delete no points, you can try.

wrote an article in the chain resources collection: how to raise a free blog today to tell you about how to make your own blog for free upgrade?, free blog for us to engage in Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends, is a precious free blog chain resources! As long as you do not violate his operation in general there is no danger of being sealed, if you have you have a group of high weight blog for free, you are worried that their chain did not place? The risk will be deleted? If you have a blog application, low grade, so naturally low weight, so we need to find a way to its level up. With my observation, those blogs mainly rely on access to calculate the amount of grade! Higher levels, the treatment is not the same! No matter what want to make their level a little higher, such as in real life, the higher the status of course right more, network game, game player level the high component is bigger! Of course blog higher grades to its corresponding function should be more, in fact how many differences I have carefully compared, but the general level should be still some difference. Want to quickly upgrade is also very simple fast if a few days can rise a class, only the most effective method of several quickly upgrade to the premium. Today just tell us about how to make their own free upgrade fast blog!


, every day on a

every day once a day, according to a blog is different, there are 1-2 rewards, although for the blog points to be or drizzle, but the days and months multiplying mark add up to a little weight, we engage in Shanghai dragon also insist on


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