, first select a good keyword. Keywords the most important and the most important step, is the site of the positioning. What kind of website to run, the best first check the existing situation of similar sites, as long as your website is an on-line, it will become your competitors. The corresponding query method, the weights of first view the type of site, followed by the collected flow, if a lot of people to visit, so this type of website can be the first step you can do that. The second step is to locate search keywords, to love the Shanghai index to check the corresponding word, not more favorable, more competition index is bigger, to your site to the front row is very difficult, too little, others are the old website to do so for a long time, and you want a new station. The ranking is also very difficult to bring. Here it is necessary to consider the compromise choice, good analysis.

third, the content of the website is. Originality is very good, a new station, many webmaster in order to quickly fill the blank to a website, website posted over a collection of others. In fact, this is the beginning of a beautiful mistake. The new station should be recognized, the most important thing — first, must be modified on the basis of the original to become original, even are original. The station first started, must escape hard effort, so I chose to use the time to return for a website almost all original works.

thanks for prawns you see me this article, a new boy, is learning to operate the site, improved a lot through the study of the A5 are summarized I do stand bit by bit. From my current operating two stations in Shanghai, the situation, estimation of love nobility baby these days are running faster, the spider can quickly read my station, half a month included a lot, but also speed up the snapshot. For the new station in such a short period of time can do, certainly has his value, worthy of study.

second may, is the domain name. Do stand before, see a lot of books a lot of information, choose the most important domain. First, the domain name is best has certain correlation with the content of the website is the best in the search engine input English letters at the same time, the search box drop-down list will show the corresponding Chinese name, if the choice was being registered the domain name, the domain name analysis well if they have been punished by the record, if the punishment, to achieve good ranking estimation is very difficult, is not registered, but the best.

The first kind of

May Fourth, outside the chain of help. Just started to get good Links help estimate is very difficult, so the outside.

some people may say that the domain name of the website content before the estimated registration for a long time, the website also do, accumulated a certain chain of love, Shanghai has a certain weight so included fast, but my website can exclude this possibility, because my site is not used, it is registered in this year in March 27th, April 3rd on the line; another website is registered last year, but March 30th was on the line.

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