is a website of the article may not every one is valuable, even if you are a great writer, also not every day to write a good article. While the user’s psychology is that I want to see the value of a good article, this time we.

third: screening fine article, recommended for users to read

site optimization is an essential work of website optimization, only do house work, to make the website ranking and user experience to a new level. But more and more Shanghai dragon Er do not take the user experience to optimize the station, they abuse the anchor text, keyword stuffing, intention to improve the site rankings, but even this site to get good rankings, the development is not very long, because they violated the user experience, let users feel disgusted on site.

Shanghai dragon Er can know, why should the user through love Shanghai in the search box to search keywords into the site? I told you, it is because the user wants to search out the site to answer user questions, to satisfy their curiosity. We just can take the user psychology, clever use of interrogative statements as the title of the article to meet the user’s curiosity, as shown below:

although the word "more" as the anchor text of website ranking no help, but it is greatly convenient for users to browse, also meet the needs of users, fit the user’s psychology, the anchor text anchor text is really useful.

according to the author’s experience and research, like this topic click rate is very high, we should also learn from them, more use of interrogative writing and make professional Street, let users satisfied curiosity, this can make the station optimization to achieve the ultimate.

now more and more Shanghai Longfeng er both the anchor text as a means of promoting the website ranking, no anchor text value of "in the article, although these into irrelevant, anchor text can effectively enhance the weight of keywords and ranking, but for the long term, this is a very bad thing. We should change this practice, follow the user’s thinking to add anchor text. According to the investigation and study of the author, the user wants to see the anchor text should be able to facilitate them to browse web content, rather than the web site keywords anchor text. For example, as the site is shown as:

mentioned above is obviously optimization methods fail, and truly follow user psychology to optimize the station is the station optimization methods really effective, qualified, so as Shanghai dragon Er, how should we understand the user’s thinking, how to optimize the following user psychology the station? By the author to explore with you.

The station optimization in order to enhance the website ranking and

: the first to provide convenient for users to browse the anchor text link

second: using interrogative sentence as the title of the article, to meet user curiosity

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