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content library

in the back with a non original micro-blog [turn] or adding a "forward" expression (that is, a rabbit standing around the face), micro-blog owners so that the revolt against plagiarism is not so strong, at least not reproduced in silence.

by A5 first, please keep the author links: sawdust machine 贵族宝贝zzgyrc贵族宝贝/

      recently, Sina micro-blog has a tens of thousands of fans dubbed the "@ the plagiarism" account, this micro-blog to expose to combat Internet plagiarism mission, launched an anti plagiarism revolution with vigour and vitality. Many V companies even star also accused of plagiarism. And in this anti plagiarism revolution in the biggest victim, tantamount to the marketing of micro-blog. How to prevent the marketing of micro-blog is not to identify plagiarism? The author summarizes the following three methods:

method, to avoid the use of Pippi time machine micro-blog


method two, reprinted forward more micro-blog

as everyone knows, Pippi time machine in addition to the timing issue, forwarding outside micro-blog, there is a big marketing micro-blog owners favored features – micro-blog content library. The content of library has ready-made micro-blog, some even with exquisite, some also equipped with video and music. However, the content of Library included is chosen from Pippi time machine users in micro-blog, that is to say the micro-blog have been released to the original micro-blog, if often use this content library, is the original report or some probability. Once there is a well-known enterprise micro-blog accused of abuse of Pippi time machine content library.

often brush micro-blog friends will find, sometimes see a micro-blog, when the author was lamenting the "talented", refresh, and found the same sentence before other bloggers there, who is the original fundamental unknown. Some of the huge amount of forwards micro-blog to find the original author is very difficult. Reproduced some popular micro-blog great amount of forwarding, the probability assigned to copy on a small lot.

sum up, three points above is only a matter of expediency temporarily, or marketing of micro-blog owners should strengthen the strength of the original, so as to effectively improve the marketing effect so as to achieve the purpose of advertising.

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