for which we want to do? We have to ensure the normal operation of the website can continuously enhance website access speed, we can start from the website code, a simple code can be very good to improve the speed of the site. Then we will start from the server, including domain name, domain name resolution server and server space. So when we buy a domain name, must choose some of the big brand reputation of the service provider, although all service providers are able to register the domain name, but they provide analytical domain name server is not the same. For businesses, they do not need to have dedicated their own server, when selecting a virtual host should try to choose some professional well-known service providers.

dead link is a general statement, does not mean that your link does not exist is a dead link, even in the presence of your links, but because the server problem causes the page can not be opened or slow, users will directly off, but the search engine spiders will think this is dead the way to give up index. Sometimes we seem normal page, in a period of time may become a dead link. We can cite an example, such as a site for DNS failure analysis. Although the content of the website is still, but can not open the page, this is a typical dead link.

above the author mainly said is the internal reason of a site have a dead link, then I will say next is to artificially increase the cause of dead links, our daily modify or delete the site content for dead link to the site of the harm is greater than the server. For a site, with safety problems and demand will be in two or three years.



is a hard business site owners do not want to see, so for a site to reduce unnecessary links is an important work. Daily removal of dead links is a tedious work, so why don’t we reduce the dead links from the source site. Generally speaking, dead links are generated by internal and external factors two. As long as we deal with these reasonable source, I believe that can reduce the dead links more than 90%.

two: on the site to modify or delete the contents of the

: from the server to start, to provide a stable server

dead links, we can understand some of the site is invalid or erroneous links from the literal, simply means that your visitors or search engine spiders cannot view the link. For visitors, unable to open the link is a big blow for the friendly user experience. For search engines, the site if there is too many dead links, then the search engine spiders will slowly no longer to crawl your site. The result is the website snapshot not update, included plummeted, the loss of a large number of visitors and the decline in ranking.


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