second: adhere to the website update, must not go to reprint, don’t update too much, every day one to two articles, the original is very important, and then put some large blog or news to the platform weight is high, do optimization generally hold on to A5 and the owners of the house where, once included on the weight and ranking of import has greatly improved, in fact most of my website after a problem is so resolved, this is no exception, may be very busy recently, the site does not care, resulting in the current results, it also shows that we have to take care of the site, so he will be better.

fourth: often go to the global forum, nothing went to answer a few questions reproduced several articles submitted to several questions, such rankings are good, the search engine grab.

This picture can be seen from the

third: solve Links, recently we could see, Links changes in each station are large, I do not suggest that although we at the time of examination Links will find a lot of problems, but most of all because the search engines caused by the abnormal, so don’t remove the massive link on their own and others are not good, I suggest that others do not cancel us, we will do the normal link, do not be afraid of them included 0 or the home page is not the first, perhaps the Ming Dynasty the same goes for your long-term cooperation, each bearing point.

: first, not to change the site first, do not think that is their own problems, we need to do is to observe, don’t think that someone else is afraid of their normal, not normal, must have their own problems, not necessarily so, must first observed in treatment, it is safe, the last time I was worried because ranking find your own website, the problem right away, causing the trouble before leaving the wrong love Shanghai grab.

snapshot June 20th snapshot and substation is the same, the title of the home page snapshot crawl to the cause, ranking suddenly disappeared, in the face of this problem really is a headache for me, because now the love of Shanghai has been adjusted, and the adjusting algorithm what has not been clear, now may crawl errors could explain what. Recently, Shanghai love included and ranking has been very strict, I expect a quick recovery, I hope that the following measures effectively, in fact, when I know the direction is always to do so.

Hello, I am the actual web design, recently love Shanghai has not quite normal to grab, grab the title is a snapshot is a keyword, then ranking can still, now snapshot direct capture station of the title, no direct ranking, this is I found this morning, in fact, recently although the ranking is very good, I have been are worried about this problem, after all, the site is always not normal, since the emergence of the problem, how to solve it in front of me, I still feel that the old way, and do is to update the quality of the chain, so that the search engine spider crawling, like no other way.

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