can be seen in the figure, the user search keywords into web sites are different, and many of them are for the long tail keywords, long tail keywords, the author thinks that the user loyalty is very good training, after all, search long tail keywords are more accurate for users, and we through to the site optimization on some long tail keywords get ranked after, naturally from the long tail keywords to flow more accurate. So through the statistical tools in the search for long tail keywords, keywords source analysis is the first step.


these long tail keywords, so the author is the main target keywords "joke", and most of the user search in the long tail word. So, we need another idea to optimize the website, although not a single flow of long tail keywords, but can product into. 5 add up to the long tail traffic on a floor, ten, twenty, thirty is not? Combined with the webmaster query tool to analyze the feasibility of these long tail keywords through statistical tools, natural finally leave are of high quality, large flow, large amount of users to search the long tail keywords.



if the source is clearly Google and you can only optimize the long tail keywords love Shanghai, also does not guarantee has no effect, and give up the optimal path clear, why not sure do some optimization. There was a direction, but also to find their own optimization direction, not worth it. So, the analysis of long tail keywords search engine source, mainly in order to make optimization direction, but not in the end do not care for this and lose that, which is good. Moreover, the search amount of long tail keywords don’t do that.

then what long tail keywords search volume is relatively large, if only by a tool cannot be accurate, only from the statistical tools for more than just use a little love Shanghai index accurately, of course should be combined with other tools, such as

last long tail keywords search engine source. Why should this step? Because you only have to grasp the user through what kind of search engine search long tail keywords what enter the website, you can be targeted to the site to do optimization.

to find the long tail keywords, most of the webmaster is from the search engine drop-down box and relevant search, combined with the index to find the love of Shanghai, there are some special friends is through the search habits, it can find the precise long tail keywords, but there is a little trouble. In fact, looking for the long tail keywords have a variety of methods, of course, through different methods for long tail keywords is not necessarily is the most accurate, an analysis needs to know and see the effect the webmaster. Today I share for long tail keywords from the statistical data:

is the first statistical analysis tools in the keyword source, by viewing the user is to find websites through what keyword combination, statistical tools have statistics, as shown in figure

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