2, domain name optimization

optimization strategy is mainly based on content and keywords site research, optimization benefits from the search engine included angle to site content and external anchor text, which can be divided into the following aspects:

e-commerce, like a raging fire swept the major industry, not only is the emerging industry to join this war without smoke, but also push into more traditional industries. Therefore, the author also recently called a heart shlf1314n to do their own online mall for example, share their in store website optimization strategy.

, the mall Xpress printing is the Alibaba launched in Amoy Amoy outside the station, at the beginning of the author is not very understanding, because it is the decision of the company, so there is not much after preliminary studies. But it is only now, that actually is called plug-ins to achieve the front page and related functions, this may be most of the owners have not experienced, so not very understand. I do not want to do, only told the owners and friends, if not cannot but do not use in Amoy Amoy, for optimization, user experience, art is very unfavorable.



label optimization, here is the anchor text set and Page >


front page design using CSS+DIV, this is everybody understand; reasonable use of JS and flash, the absolute control in premise of loading speed allowed and the content included the website; structure is mainly flat structure + tree structure is adopted, a reasonable reduction in site level, at the same time to transfer the content of the website and the reasonable arrangement of weights the.

optimization framework

optimization strategy

At present, the content optimization

domain name optimization is mainly concentrated in the processing domain and pseudo static rewriting. Especially when Google optimization, the domain name must be pseudo static treatment, and the best keyword in your domain name, love Shanghai requirements will be relatively simple, but also stressed that the domain name dynamic parameters (less than 3) and the length of the domain name.

but the advantage is that the establishment of the cost less, while the integrated payment system and management system, the general formal enterprises should offer is 5000 yuan in the next.

content is ranking based, and also is the foundation of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai attaches particular importance to the content of the website of love. Content optimization mainly focus on the label optimization, it should be stressed by my own experience for a meta tag: the title must contain a keyword, at the same time to ensure that the density and rationality (readability), key words is better than nothing, only this. The description is more important, the important is mainly aimed at the click rate, a good description, even if the ranking is not the first one, may be more than one click.

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