first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System On Friday, the Cygnus capsule arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with all the fixings for an Easter feast and other supplies, including tiny flying robots and mice for a study.The Cygnus and its 3,450-kilogram (7,606-pound) shipment blasted off from Wallops Island, Virginia, on Wednesday, and completed its space journey in a day in a half, The Globe and Mail reported. On April 19, at 5:28 a.m. EST, NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques used Canadarm 2, the International Space Station’s robotic arm, to capture the capsule, which carried food goodies and experiment equipment for the cosmonauts.The @NorthropGrumman Cygnus cargo ship was bolted onto the space station’s Unity module at 7:31am ET today while flying 255 miles above the Indian Ocean.— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) April 19, 2019For Cygnus’ trip, NASA packed more than 800 meals for the International Space Station’s six astronauts, including holiday choices of pork chops with gravy, smoked turkey, potatoes au gratin, apricot cobbler, and lemon meringue pudding. According to the CSA, some Canadian treats were also sent to the cosmonauts. Smoked salmon, maple cream cookies, and a bison chili that’s based on Saint-Jacques’ favorite family dish were also included in the Easter-themed shipment.The @NorthropGrumman Cygnus cargo craft has been maneuvered to the Unity module for installation. Watch live now on @NASA TV.— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) April 19, 2019Cygnus also delivered other key items to the International Space Station, including three free-flying robots that were designed to assist the astronauts, 40 mice that will be part of a tetanus vaccination study aboard the orbiting laboratory, and “smart shirts” and sample collection kits that will be used to collect data for a Canadian study on insulin resistance and arterial stiffening in astronauts.Canadarm2 berthing the Cygnus cargo spacecraft after capture this morning! // Canadarm2 amarre le vaisseau-cargo Cygnus après sa capture ce matin!— David Saint-Jacques (@Astro_DavidS) April 19, 2019The Cygnus capsule is expected to stay at the International Space Station until July. Once its duration at the orbiting laboratory is done, it will be released for a solo orbiting test conducted by Northrop Grumman.More on Antares Rocket Will Launch Cygnus NG-11 Cargo Mission to ISS Scientists Find the Universe’s Earliest Molecule in SpaceSpaceX Loses Falcon Heavy’s Center Booster Due to Rough Seas Stay on targetlast_img

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