first_imgAnyone who has sat through a Chucky movie knows how scary animatronic children’s toys can be. And the older they are, the more creepy they seem to be. Well, it’s 2016 and someone decided it was high time 1985’s best selling animatronic toy Teddy Ruxpin was, quite literally, ripped apart to reveal its creepy insides.The family that runs the YouTube channel What’s Inside are well known for cutting things open to find out what exactly is inside all these products we use every day. They’ve ripped open an electric bike, an Olympic Torch, fireworks, and a stun gun to name but a few. Now we have a Teddy Ruxpin undergoing a full body teardown.I felt a little bit sorry for Teddy Ruxpin during that video, and I think the use of a sledgehammer was a step too far. All they needed was a screwdriver or cutting tool to get through the plastic. Collector’s everywhere will be cringing if they could even watch the video at all.I was still in single digits back in 1985 when this teddy was a hit, but I don’t remember it. It made clever use of the left and right tracks on cassette tapes to allow for audio alongside a data stream telling the servomotors what to do. That way Ruxpin could move his eyes and mouth to match the audio for each story. There was also a companion toy called Grubby that could engage in pre-recorded conversations using a proprietary cable.Teddy Ruxpin had the 1985 version of DLC in the form of 39 stories you could purchase on tape. There was also many outfits you could buy, a TV series, and in 2005 a BackPack version was released which used digital cartridges instead of tapes.For anyone who misses Teddy Ruxpin being available, you’ll be pleased to hear a brand new version is planned for release in 2017. I suspect that one will include internal storage and WiFi for connection to an online story store.last_img

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