first_imgThe Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are coming soon, and Microsoft had more to show off today than just a pair of new tablets. There’s a whole new wave of accessories on the way, too.First and foremost, there’s the Power Cover. The battery-boosting clip-on was leaked recently, and the rumors were right on the money. It lets the Surface Pro 2 run for nearly two and a half times as long as the previous model did (but keep in mind that the new Surface Pro 2 already runs for 75% longer than the original Surface Pro).Microsoft says that the Surface Pro 2 with a Power Cover will actually run for almost 25 hours.Our math says less, but either way, it’s an impressive boost. Unfortunately it won’t be ready for first day sales — the Power Cover will arrive in early 2014.The other Surface covers have been updated too. Both the Touch Cover 2 ($119) and Type Cover 2 ($129) are now backlit, and the new Type Cover is almost as thin as the old Touch Cover. Microsoft is also offering up a special cover for DJs. Microsoft sweetheart Deadmaus, presumably, has something to do with this.You can also make the new covers wireless, thanks to a $59 clip-on adapter (pictured at the top) that packs its own battery and Bluetooth transmitter. Presumably the adapter would let you use the covers with just about any Bluetooth-equipped PC, phone, or tablet.Surface Pro owners have one more accessory to get excited about. Microsoft is finally offering up a desktop dock. It’s packed with ports — three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, mini DisplayPort, Ethernet, and audio in and out. Like the Power Cover, it’s not going to land on retail shelves until 2014.Apart from not knowing when exactly the Power Cover and docking station will arrive, Microsoft also hasn’t said how much they’re going to cost. We’ll provide the rest of the details once Microsoft reveals them.Now read: Surface Pro 2 ups battery life 75 percent, adds Haswell performancelast_img

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