first_imgThe iPod Nano is truly the chameleon of personal media players. It has gone through several distinct design phases over the years, from tall and skinny, to short and wide, to teeny-tiny and finger-friendly. Now the rumor mill indicates that Apple is at it again; the Nano as we’ve come to know it is slated to change.A new report claims that the device announced at Apple’s annual fall music event this year will be of the tall and skinny variety once again, but will still have a multitouch screen. In fact, the screen is rumored to be a little larger this time. Interestingly, it is also reportedly going to feature an iPhone-style home button.The current iPod Nano uses a very small multitouch screen, and has an iOS feel to the software. The new bigger Nano would make that software experience better, but I doubt it will be running iOS. More than likely, it’s just going to look and behave a lot more like the iPod Touch without running apps.The current Nano’s square design has encouraged some uber-nerds to turn the device into a watch, but that may be a thing of the past. The larger form factor would also open up the possibility of returning the camera to the device, which was ditched in the last minimalistic re-design.There are also some more shady rumors about a new iTunes service launching in tandem with the new Nano, but no specifics were forthcoming on that front. With people increasingly shifting to smartphones, I’m not sure it’s even worth the R&D on a mid-range media device like this.More at Macotakara, via Cult of Maclast_img

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