first_imgMaintaining a nice, perfectly shaved head can be hard. Sure, you can swipe it up and down with a razor twice a day, but it’s only a matter of five o’clock before the follicular shadow starts sprouting in, throwing into sharp relief that which you would hide: the uneven distribution of hair follicles within the random Rorschach of your mail pattern baldness.There’s more than a few gadgets that have been crafted specifically to help you keep your head hairless, but what if you’re just too lazy or too busy to shave your head as much as you should. Maybe what you need is a Shaving Helmet, a piece of head gear that you can just slap onto your nogging to become fully shaved in just twenty seconds without nicks or cuts.Using a “four blade array of razors mounted on Teflon-coated aluminum rails” and slide up and down inside the helmet, the Shaving Helmet is fully automated. The side of the helmet even includes LED indicators that tell you when twenty seconds have elapsed, while the back boasts an automatic shaving cream injection pod to lather up your head in the middle of the cycle.As you can see from the video, the Shaving Helmet, while seemingly an absurd idea, actually works very well. It shaves a head clean without any cut or scratch marks. I’m impressed. Now if only this same inventor would get working on a pair of similarly purposed underwear and I might just have my girlfriend her Valentine’s Day gift.last_img

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