first_imgLET’S FACE IT: life is terrifying. Here’s the worst of it.1. A poster falling off the wall at night Source: TumblrFalls down by day: irritation. Falls down by night: terrifying monster breaking down your door.2. Walking through a door and finding someone there unexpectedly Source: TumblrEspecially when you’re in a vulnerable position, like just out of the shower. Or you live with one of those people who move about silently, cat-like, and you can never tell where they are.3. When an unknown number rings your phone Source: WordPressWhat it definitely is: someone pestering you to take a questionnaire, or the Revenue saying you owe them thousands of euro, or a hitman with a contract out on you for some reason.What it definitely isn’t: Anything good.4. Accidentally sending an email to the person the email’s about Source: WordPressStage 1: lurch in the pit of your stomach. Stage 2: desperately trying to claw the email back, hit Cancel, quit all programmes (none of which works of course). Stage 3: despair and skin-tingling dread.5. The doorbell ringing when you’re not expecting anyone and you haven’t paid your TV licence yet Source: TumblrTHEY’VE COME FOR US.6. Suddenly realising you were supposed to prepare a presentation for the meeting that’s in five minutes Source: WordPressHow could you have forgotten? HOW? This is the end of everything.7. Getting a voicemail Source: PieceofheavenNone of your friends would leave a voicemail. This means it’s either your parents, or someone telling you you owe them money.8. Rolling backwards in your car on a hill start Source: WordPressCue desperate pedal-slamming; putting on handbrake AND footbrake; frantically checking to see you haven’t rolled into anyone. Then missing the lights and making everyone behind you honk furiously.9. Waking up hungover and realising your mother-in-law is coming round Source: PhotoBucketYOU’VE GOT TO HAVE POLITE TEA OUT OF A TEAPOT. YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE CONVERSATION. YOU CAN’T LIE ON THE SOFA AND WATCH COOKERY PROGRAMMES FOR HOURS. THIS IS HELL.10. Checking your bank balance Source: WordPressAnd staring into the terrifying money void.11. Bed jolts as you’re falling asleep Source: TumblrHigh likelihood that your body has been possessed by a demon of some kind.12. Sleeping through your alarm Source: MikethefanboyAnd the feeling when you finally wake up and see the clock.13. Reading through your sent messages the morning after Source: TvtomeNo words.The Terrifying Moments Support Group is now in session. Please leave all contributions in the comments below.18 of the greatest Halloween pumpkins ever carved>26 wonderful photos of terrified Irish lads in a haunted house>last_img

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