Simcoe has been pencilled in as the site of Pride Haldimand-Norfolk’s next big picnic and music fest.Waterford Coun. Kim Huffman attended the event in Dunnville May 25 and reported to council last week that the 2020 event will be held in Simcoe.That’s the plan, says local Pride spokesperson Louise Jones. However, a number of things have to fall into place before the organizing committee makes a commitment.“A larger contingent of volunteers on the Pride Haldimand-Norfolk committee from Norfolk County will be needed to make that happen,” Jones said.“Right now we only have two or three Norfolk County members on the committee. So I would not say there are plans as of yet. Maybe just hopes.”Last month’s Pride party was held in Dunnville for a third consecutive year. As with previous events in Dunnville, a small but vocal group of evangelicals protested.Pride Haldimand-Norfolk’s selection of Lions Park in Dunnville for the event helped minimize the confrontation. Unlike previous venues, Lions Park is well fenced. This enabled Pride organizers to control who entered the festivities and who was kept to the periphery.Jones reported that the protesters were confined to a section of the park behind a fence away from the main event.A percussion group from Hamilton called the Flamingo Mutiny Brigade responded by positioning itself between the crowd and the protesters. They drowned out anything the latter had to say with their drumming.“They had no impact on the day or any of the attendees,” Jones said.“They seemed to be pretty disappointed with Dunnville as the next day they protested at a church because none of the churches supported their cause.“Luckily, they were disbanded by the OPP before the church service ended. So again, they were unable to disturb the church and its worshippers.”Otherwise, Jones reports it was a fun, relaxing day. The weather was good and Jones says the turnout was twice as large as last year’s [email protected]

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