first_imgA clinical finish from Punjab and they have ended their 4-match losingstreak. The hosts got off to a poor start as they lost their prolificrun-scorer McCullum cheaply. Raina came in and along with Finch gave the momentum to the innings. However, the departure of Finch and Raina inquick succession turned the tide in favour of the visitors. (SCORECARD | POINTS TABLE)Dinesh Karthik scored a good fifty but he didn’t get good support fromthe other end. The tourists’ bowlers were right on the money and kept on mounting the pressure on the opposition. The middle order lost the plot and crumbled under pressure. KC Cariappa was brilliant and the homeside found it difficult to read him. He ended with figures of 4-024-2and was the standout bowler. Mohit Sharma bowled a miserly spell too and Sandeep and Patel were among the wickets too.Glenn Maxwell: Very good toss to lose. Wicket got a bit slower and our bowlers bowled really well. Got some wickets in the Poweplay and we were clinical. Amla and Marsh are outstanding. Classical batsmen, and for them to get as deep as they did, it allowed the hitters to play their game. Making handy contributions most games, but I would like to make a bit more to make it easier on the lower order. I can’t say enough about Cariappa, he bowled the right lengths, him and Axar Patel did a great holding job and kept the run-rate up for them. We have a great group of guys who are easily motivated. The guys have celebrated Hashim and Manan’s outstanding innings the other day. I’m uncertain of Hashim’s fitness issues, he was pretty sure when I was out there batting with him. Anytime you lose a run of games in a row, you desperately need to turn it around. For us to win this game, after losing the game, on a good wicket, I’m pleased about the character they showed.advertisementSuresh Raina: You can’t chase 190 every time. Bowlers have to do something. We haven’t won any 4 pm games. It’s a learning curve for us. Spinners have to step up. Nathu got cramps, so I had to bowl Smith in the second last over. The bowlers are lacking confidence. They are not executing on match day, they do well in the nets, but not on match day. We thought we could still chase it down, but while we were batting, the wicket got slower and Sandeep and Mohit bowled good slower balls and made it hard for us to hit. At this stage, I can’t say anything. We have to go there. Couple of injury issues, but we have to win more games, we can’t just talk in training. We’ll go to Bangalore, regroup and hopefully we can win.Hashim Amla is the man of the match for his 40-ball 65. HIGHLIGHTS:GUJARAT INNINGS:19.29 IST: All over! Fuller length outside off, Karthik looks to put it away but cannot put bat to ball. That’s it, PUNJAB WIN BY 26 RUNS!19.26 IST: FOUR! Inside edge! Sandeep bowls it full on the stumps, Thampi gets hisbat down in time but only gets an inside edge through fine leg for aboundary. 32 needed in 5 balls.19.25 IST: Sandeep Sharma to bowl the final over of the innings.19.24 IST: Mohit Sharma Slants it outside off on a length, Karthik looks to swipe it away butfails to put bat to ball. What an over, just 5 runs from the over. 36needed in 6 balls. Do Gujarat have a Yuvraj among them?19.19 IST: Natarajan Spears it full and wide outside off, Thampi looks to drive but isbeaten. A top over from Natarajan. Gujarat need 41 more in 12 balls.19.13 IST: FOUR! Well played, Karthik! Fuller outside off, Karthik gets intoposition and reverse sweeps it between short third man and backwardpoint for a boundary. He has played a brilliant knock here. Gujarat need 47 more in 18 balls. 13th IPL fifty for Dinesh Karthik.19.11 IST: OUT! Sandeep Sharma castles Tye for 22. Full and straight works! Sandeep spears in a yorker on middle, Tye plays all over it and is bowled. That is a brilliant ball. End of a handycameo by Tye. Gujarat need 52 more in 20 balls. GL 137/7 in 16.4 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP 19.10 IST: FOUR! More boundaries! Shorter in length outside off, Tye goes for thepull shot. He gets it off the top edge over the head of the keeper for a boundary.19.08 IST: FOUR! Low full toss on the pads, Dinesh Karthik gets behind it andsweeps it through backward square leg for a boundary. Top start to theover.advertisement19.08 IST: Sandeep Sharma returns for his final spell.19.05 IST: Gujarat Lions are 128/6 in 16 overs, chasing 189 vs Kings XI Punjab. Karthik 43*, Tye 18*. Time out taken!19.00 IST: FOUR! Handy runs! Lands it on middle and leg, Tye looks to sweep butgets it off the gloves to the fine leg fence for a boundary. Gujaratneed 68 more in 30 balls.18.58 IST: SIX! Into the stands! Patel lands it around off and middle, Tye gets under it and swings it over mid-wicket for a 90m maximum.18.55 IST: No hat-trick! Cariappa bowls it outside off, Tye looks to drive but gets beaten all ends up. The keeper collects the ball and appeals long andhard. Nothing from the umpire, rightly so. There was noise but it was of the bat hitting the pad.18.54 IST: OUT! Cariappa removes Nath for a duck. Another one bites the dust! Bowls it full and on middle and leg, Nathlooks to clip it through but is hit on his boot. The players appeal foran lbw and the umpire rules it out. A duck for Akshdeep! Gujarat sinkfurther. GL 102/6 in 13.1 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP. Andrew Tye comes out to bat. Cariappa is on a hat-trick.18.52 IST: OUT! Axar removes Dwayne Smith for 4. Smith throws it away! Patel bowls it on middle, Smith looks to go bigover long off but completely mistimes it. The ball flies down the throat of long off where Stoinis takes the catch easily. The end is nigh forthe home side? GL 102/5 in 13 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP. Akshdeep Nath is the next man in.18.48 IST: OUT! Cariappa removes Jadeja for 9. Soft dismissal, top catch KC Cariappa! Bowls it around off, holds up atouch, Jadeja ends up pushing it back down the wicket. The bowler divesto his left and takes it well inches off the ground. That is a bigwicket for the visitors. GL 94/4 in 12 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP. Dwayne Smith strides out to bat. Gujarat need 94 from 48 balls. Punjab are on top at the moment.18.43 IST: FOUR! Just past the fielder! Shorter outside off, Jadeja makes most ofit and cuts it past the diving point fielder for a boundary. GL 90/3 in 11 overs, chasing 189 18.39 IST: FOUR! Shot! A touch short on middle and leg, Karthik pulls it through backward square leg and the ball races to the fence. GL 82/3 in 10 overs, chasing 18918.36 IST: 50 wickets for Axar Patel in the Indian Premier League.18.35 IST: OUT! Axar Patel removes Raina for 32. Great composure by Maxwell to pull off a superb catch! Short delivery,Raina rocks back and pulls it uppishly towards deep mid-wicket. GlennMaxwell, stationed there stays calm, leaps and judges it to perfectionto pouch it brilliantly. GL 70/3 in 9 overs, chasing 189. Ravindra Jadeja comes out to bat. He has been promoted above Dwayne Smith here.18.32 IST: FOUR! Dispatched with disdain! Short delivery on middle, Karthik rocks back and pulls it over square leg for a boundary.advertisement18.31 IST: Axar Patel comes on for a bowl.18.29 IST: Karthik uses his feet and drives the fullish delivery to long off for asingle and he will retain the strike. A tidy over from Natarajan, only 5 from it. Gujarat need 126 from 72 balls with 8 wickets in hand. Thematch is nicely poised at the moment. Gujarat Lions are 63/2 in 8 overs, chasing 189 vs Kings XI Punjab. Raina 31*, Karthik 13*. Time out signalled.18.24 IST: FOUR! Poor delivery and duly punished! Short outside off, spinning away. Karthik cuts it hard through covers for a rocketing boundary. GL 58/2 in 7 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP18.20 IST: FOUR! Shortish delivery on off, Karthik pulls it through backward square leg and the ball races to the fence. Gets off the mark in style! Fifty up for Gujarat Lions in 6 overs18.18 IST: OUT! Mohit Sharma removes Finch for 13. Terrific take, Stoinis! Finch looks to back away again and Sharma bowlsit full outside off, Finch gives himself room and drives it towardsStoinis at extra cover. He dives to his left and seems to have taken abrilliant catch. Finch feels that Stoinis hasn’t grabbed it cleanly andthe umpires walk across to each other and refer it upstairs. The thirdumpires has a good look at it with a lot of replays. Marcus’s fingersseems to be underneath it as he took it inches above the ground. Feelsthat it is conclusive enough and the soft signal is upheld. GL 46/2 in 5.3 overs, chasing 189 vs KXIP. Dinesh Karthik is the new man in.18.11 IST: FOUR! The boundaries are coming at ease now! Shorter delivery on off,Raina pulls it through mid-wicket. The fielder in the deep puts in adesperate dive but fails to stop it. GL 43/1 in 5 overs, chasing 18918.10 IST: KC Cariapaa to bowl now.18.09 IST: SIX! Bang! On a length outside off, Finch tonks it over wide long off for a maximum. He picked that up with so much ease. GL 36/1 in 4 overs18.04 IST: Thangarasu Natarajan brought on for a bowl.18.03 IST: FOUR! Well played! Low full toss well outside off, Raina reaches out and carves it behind point for a boundary. GL 25/1 in 3 overs, chasing 18918.02 IST: Run out chance missed! Finch gives himself room and punches it towardsStoinis at covers. He dives to his left and is aware of the situation.Raina has taken off and Stoinis aims at the bowler’s end but misses.Raina is a country mile away from the crease. Patel who is backing uphits the bull’s eye as Raina looks to get back in. The umpire refer itupstairs but Raina is safely in.18.00 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! On a length on leg stump, Raina moves inside theline and tickles it in between the keeper and short fine leg fielder for a boundary.17.59 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! On a length on leg stump, Raina moves inside theline and tickles it in between the keeper and short fine leg fielder for a boundary. GL 14/1 in 2 overs, chasing 18917.57 IST: In the air… but safe! Good length delivery outside off, Finch looks to go downtown but mistimes it towards mid off. Shaun Marsh at the edge of the circle leaps to take it but the ball just goes over him. Two runstaken.17.53 IST: OUT! Sandeep Sharma removes McCullum for 6. Sharma strikes! Bowls a low full toss on off, Brendon McCullum looks towhip it through mid-wicket but misses it completely to get rapped on the back pad. Up go the Punjab players in unison and the umpire has nohesitation in ruling it out. GL 6/1 in 1 over, chasing 189. Suresh Raina comes out to bat.17.50 IST: FOUR! McCullum is off the mark in style! Back of a length outside off, he stays back and cuts it behind point for a boundary.17.48 IST: Welcome back for the chase. The two Gujarat openers are Brendon McCullum and Aaron Finch. Punjab begin with Sandeep Sharma. A slip in place forhim. Here we go…Punjab Innings:17.36 IST: Axar Patel hit 18 runs off the Dwayne Smith over to ensure his sidecrossed the 180-run mark. It could well be the difference between thetwo sides in the end. Andrew Tye and Ravindra Jadeja were economical and took wickets as well. The rest, as has been the case with the homeside, got a hammering. Gujarat will feel that they have done fairly well on this high-scoring ground to keep Punjab to a score which they mightthink can be chased down. The wicket has held up a touch. The Punjabbowlers coming off a pasting from Mumbai, will hope they do well. Itsets up a fascinating chase. Join us in a while for it.17.34 IST: A good finish for Gujarat despite the big over from Dwayne Smith towards the end. They began well taking the wicket of Manan Vohra early but the pair of Shaun Marsh and Hashim Amla added 70 runs for the secondwicket. The southpaw departed after a start but Amla registered hisfifty. Maxwell and Amla threatened to take the game away but the hostsstruck in time to send both of them back in the hut before they could do a lot of damage.17.30 IST: OUT! Punjab finish on 188/7. Yorker outside off, Saha only manages tojam it down the track. Sharma takes off from the other end and Saharesponds. Basil Thampi collects it on his followthrough, runs back tothe bowler’s end and flicks the bails off calmly. Saha is out of thecrease by a country mile. More importantly, it is a crucial dot ball for the hosts.17.27 IST: SIX! Handy maximum! Searches for the yorker but ends up bowling a lowfull toss outside off. It’s in the slot and Saha clubs it over deepmid-wicket for a biggie.17.23 IST: OUT! Smith removes Axar Patel for 34. Patel departs after a breezy knock! Slower back of a length deliveryaround off, Patel pulls it towards wide long on. Finch has a lot ofground to covers and does so with ease. Takes a brilliantly well-judgedcatch to his left near the ropes. KXIP 174/6 in 18.4 overs 17.21 IST: SIX, FOUR, SIX… Axar Patel taking Smith to the cleaners. KXIP 174/5 in 18.3 overs 17.16 IST: OUT! Tye removes Stoinis for 7. The slower ball has done the trick! Tye rolls his fingers on it onceagain and bowls it outside off, Stoinis looks to go downtown but miscues it towards long off. Brendon McCullum stationed there takes an easycatch. KXIP 157/5 in 17.5 overs. Wriddhiman Saha comes out to bat.17.13 IST: Nine runs came off that over from Thampi. Kings XI 152/4 in 17 overs. Axar 14*, Stoinis 4*17.06 IST: Tye to Axar, FOUR! Hits a boundary straight back past the bowler. Kings XI 143/4 in 16 ovs17.02 IST: Good over from Jadeja, just seven runs came off it along with a wicket. Kings XI 135/4 in 15 ovsJust 7 runs coming off #Jaddu’s last over and a wicket. He finished with 4 overs, 32 runs and 1 wicket. #GameMaariChhe #GLvKXIP- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 201717.00 IST: Jadeja to Maxwell, OUT! Jadeja strikes and he has got the big fish! Both the set batsmen are back in the hut now. Tosses it up around off, comes in with the arm. Maxwell goes for the reverse sweep but fails to connect. Is pinged on the front pad and there is a huge appeal for an LBW to which the umpire obliges. Glenn departs after a fine cameo. Good passage of play for the hosts. Kings XI 132/4 in 14.2 ovs WICKET. #Jaddu comes to the party and gets the wicket of the dangerous #GlennMaxwell #KXIP 132/4. #GameMaariChhe #GLvKXIP- The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 201716.55 IST: Agarwal to Amla, OUT! Amla departs after a brilliant knock! Shorter in length on off, Amla backs away and flat-bats it straight towards Agarwal. He is alert and bends to take a sharp catch. That is a massive wicket, Amla was looking ominous. This is also the first Indian T20 League wicket for Shubham Agarwal. The young man is elated! Kings XI 128/3 in 14 overs WICKET. And this is a huge one for the Lions. Shubham Agarwal takes a stunner. Amla departs. #GameMaariChhe #GLvKXIP The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 201716.49 IST: 13 runs came off that over from Thampi. Kings XI 104/2 in 12 overs. Amla 56*, Maxwell 12*16.44 IST: Tye to Amla, FOUR! Well played, Hashim Amla! He makes most of the reprieve. Tye angles it on middle, Amla works it off the toe end of the bat wide of the short fine leg for a boundary. He brings up his fifty and will be eager to make it big again. Scores his third half-century of the season as Kings XI reach 91/2 in 11 ovs [email protected] following up his 100 with a half century! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #GLvKXIP Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 2017What a way to bring up your fifty! Flicks the ball down to fine leg for yet another boundary! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #GLvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 201716.38 IST: Tye to Marsh, OUT! The bowling change works, another soft dismissal for Shaun Marsh, he has had plenty of them in his career! Another knuckle ball around off, Marsh is early into his shot. The ball goes off the face of the bat and lobs towards Suresh Raina. He goes to his right a touch and takes it easily. Marsh departs after a start, yet again. Kings XI 81/2 in 9.2 oversThat’s OUT. @aj191 with a beautiful slower delivery foxes Shaun Marsh. Simple catch for #SureshRaina #KXIP 81/2 #GameMaariChhe #GLvKXIP The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 201716.33 IST: Jadeja to Amla, FOUR! Flatter on the pads, Amla tucks it fine past the short fine leg fielder for a boundary. Jadeja concedes 13 runs off his over. Kings XI 80/1 in 9 ovs 13 runs off the 9th over as the strategic time-out is called. We’re 80/1 with @amlahashon 45 & @shaunmarsh9 on 30! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 201716.33 IST: Jadeja to Amla, SIX! Over covers, goes Amla! Fuller outside off, Amla gets under it and just carves it over extra cover for a maximum. This could be the shot of the match.16.29 IST: Agarwal to Marsh, FOUR! Brings up the fifty-run partnership between Amla (32*) and Marsh (26*). Fires it wide outside off expecting the charge, Marsh though manages to get his bat to it and sends it packing through extra covers for a boundary.16.29 IST: Agarwal to Marsh, SIX! Lovely hit! Floats it around off, Marsh comes down the wicket and launches it over long off for a clean hit. That was well timed.16.28 IST: Jadeja concedes just 3 runs from his first over. Kings XI 53/1 in 7 ovs.16.25 IST: Tye to Amla, SIX! Just over the ropes! Slants it on a length outside off, Amla gets under it and launches it over long on. The elevation does not seem to be enough but it just flies over the fielder at long on as Kings XI reach 50/1 in 6 overs. Amla 31*, Marsh 15* SIX! @amlahash just manages to evade the man at long on for the first maximum of the game. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #GLvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 201716.23 IST: Tye to Amla, FOUR! Up and over! Bowls it outside off, Amla gets under it and thumps it over the head of the bowler for a boundary.16.21 IST: Thampi to Marsh, FOUR! Kings XI 36/1 in 5 ovs 16.16 IST: Kings XI 25/1 in 4 ovs. Amla 15*, Marsh 7* 16.05 IST: Nathu to Vohra, WICKET! Superb catch! Nathu Singh bowls it outside off on a good length, Manan Vohra looks to dab it down to third man but gets an outside edge. Dinesh Karthik dives to his right and catches the ball. Brilliant effort and Nathu Singh has his maiden Indian T20 League wicket. Kings XI 11/1 in 1.2 ovsWicket! @ImMananVohra edges one and Dinesh Kartik makes no mistake. It’s 11/1. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #GLvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 201716.00 IST: Punjab have started the attack with leg-spinner Shubham Agarwal.15.45 IST: For Gujarat – Nathu Singh, Shubham Agarwal, Andrew Tye, Akshdeep Nath come in for Dhawal Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, James Faulkner and Ishan Kishan.Here’s our Playing XI for today’s match. #GameMaariChhe #GLvKXIP The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 201715.40 IST: Kings XI have made three changes to their side – Starting XI: H Amla, M Vohra, G Maxwell, W Saha, S Marsh, MP Stoinis, A Patel, KC Cariappa, T Natarajan, M Sharma, Sandeep Sharma. #GLvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 20173 changes to the team as @ImMananVohra, KC Cariappa and Natarajan make their way back into the starting XI. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #GLvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 23, 201715.36 IST: BIG BLOW FOR GL! Apart from the four changes that Gujarat have made for this match, Raina also revealed at the toss that Dwayne Bravo has been ruled out for the rest of the tournament. Going to miss this Champion! Unfortunately he has been ruled out this season due to injury! I wish him all the best for a speedy recovery! Keshav Bansal (@KeshavBansal08) April 23, 201715.30 IST: TOSS! Gujarat Lions skipper Suresh Raina wins the toss and opts to bowl vs Glenn Maxwell’s Kings XI PunjabTOSS: Captain #SureshRaina has won the toss and the Lions will be bowling first. #GameMaariChhe #GLvKIP The Gujarat Lions (@TheGujaratLions) April 23, 2017Brief Preview:Motivated by the morale-boosting four-wicket win against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in their last Indian Premier League (IPL) match, Gujarat Lions will be aiming to keep the momentum going when they face Kings XI Punjab at home on Sunday.EXCLUSIVE: Suresh Raina shows off his singing skillsThe Lions rode on skipper Suresh Raina’s brilliant 46-ball-84 at the Eden Gardens on Friday to their second victory of the season while Kings XI will be eager to end their four-match losing streak at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium here.On paper, there is not much to choose between the two teams even though Punjab, despite being on a losing streak, are placed fifth with four points while Gujarat are seventh with the same number of points.For Gujarat, former New Zealand skipper Brendon McCullum with 258 runs and Raina with 243 runs, are among the top five run-getters in the tournament so far.Punjab will take solace from the fact that they scored a near 200 total (198) against the Mumbai Indians with South African Hashim Amla scoring a terrific hundred and skipper Glenn Maxwell also hitting some lusty blows.However, the problem area for both the teams has been bowling which has let them down on most occasions.Both the teams are heavily dependent on the Indian bowlers, who have failed to rise to the occasion when their teams needed them the most.last_img

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