first_imgYouTube vlogging sensation Theo Lee tells us why she loves living in South Africa and how our progressive Constitution enables her to live the life of her dreams.Theo Lee, vlogger and social influencer, celebrates living in South Africa and all the liberties and privileges she enjoys thanks to the South African Constitution. (Image: Theo Lee, via Instagram) Theodora (Theo) LeeHello lovelies,We recently celebrated Human Rights Day in South Africa, a day where we commemorate our rights and acknowledge those who fought for our freedom. Even though some people saw it as a day off work, I saw it as so much more.In 1995, my parents emigrated from the UK to South Africa, a country that was recently under apartheid rule and had just turned into a democracy. It was a brave thing for my parents to do at the time. A lot of their friends warned them against the risks involved, but my parents had faith in the “New South Africa,” so off we went to grow up an outdoorsy, adventurous life – where we could be who we wanted to be and, above all, be free.Although South Africa still has its struggles, I feel like it’s shaped me into the woman I am today. I don’t think I or my brother Caspar would be doing what we’re doing right now if it weren’t for the opportunities South Africa has afforded us: the time we got to play, explore and express ourselves without restrictions or judgment.I recognise that I have been very lucky. As a family, even though we didn’t always have a lot of money, we had enough. I have always recognised how fortunate I am and think that has motivated me to help others and encourage people to do the same.South Africa and its progressive Constitution has inspired my work, my passions and my relationships. So although I may travel to distant places, I’ll always call this place my home.I’ll always walk barefoot in the summer, I’ll always buy a boerie roll sizzling on the pavement, and I’ll always wear vibrant colours, say hi to strangers, see the positives, lie on the grass and give to those who it need more. I’ll always wave the flag and sing the songs, I’ll always say and do what I believe is right, I’ll always feel my freedom and celebrate my freedom … I’ll never stop being a South African.Here’s the part where I encourage you to acknowledge and to share what South Africa means to you. Tweet me your stories, your reflections or even just your favourite South African food. I’ll be on the retweeting rampage – so go wild! Let’s bring to light the magic of living in a country so full of Mzansi-flavour and inspiration.Love from,TheoP.S. To find out more about the Constitution and brush up on your rights as a South African, I encourage you to follow @Brand_SA #InspiredByMyConstitutionlast_img

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