first_imgAssociate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh has described as hypocrites terrorists who are causing global chaos yet perceive themselves to be Muslims.Forcefully condemning terrorism and suicide he said Islam does not permit aggression or terror in any form.Associate Justice Ja’neh made these assertions as guest lecturer at a workshop held last Saturday for Imams from across the country.The event was held in observance of the 20th anniversary of the National Imams Council of Liberia (NICL).“Why are these terrorists labeled Islamic terrorists when in fact Muslims themselves are the very victims of these terrorist attacks?” he asked.“The fact that these terrorists carry what appears to be the Muslims’ creed is no justification for such inhumane acts. Labeling these people as Islamist terrorists is unreasonable and unfair,” Associate Justice Ja’neh contended. And yet it is not the world or the media that describes these perpetrators as Islamic terrorists, but the terrorists themselves.  For usually, after shooting people indiscriminately, the terrorists flee, often on motorbikes, announcing, “Allah is great!”Mr. Ja’neh called on NICL to come out regularly and condemn these heinous acts perpetrated by terrorists in the name of Islam.“We need to make our position on these issues known, so you need to come out and speak against these acts whenever they happen,” the Supreme Court Justice declared. He challenged Imams to learn the English language because, according to him, effective communication in English by Imams in the country will help to bridge the gaps of misunderstanding and foster better communication.Meanwhile, Justice Ja’neh, who is also a Muslim, has decried the high level of corruption in the Muslim community in Liberia, especially among Imams who are the spiritual heads of the Islamic faith.Giving an example of the corrupt activities carried out by Imams without mentioning any name, he said a prominent Imam, a few years ago, collected over US$13,000 from Muslims who were desirous of travelling to Saudi Arabia on a holy journey.“He collected the people’s money and is yet to account for it. The people were unable to make the journey. The money has not reached the National Hajj Committee of which I am a member. Unfortunately, since the incident, no Imam has spoken on this blatant community betrayal on the part of the Imam,” Justice Ja’neh charged.There is an accountability problem among Muslims, most notably Imams, who are often entrusted with community funds, said Justice Ja’neh, challenging  the NICL to rise up to confront and address such ills perpetrated by their colleagues because the Quran speaks strongly against those wrongs.The revelation by Justice Ja’neh may come as a shock to many, especially non-Muslims, because of their perception of imams being more upright than their counterparts from other religions. The perceived harmony and unity in the Muslim Ummah (community) in the country is also because internal fights are kept out of the public domain.Justice Ja’neh’s revelation, however, suggests that all is not peaceful as it appears on the outside, a member of the Ummah said.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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