first_imgThe memory of the PSG win against Montpellier has been marred by the nth disagreement between Kylian Mbappé and Thomas Tuchel. In the 68th minute and with the final five to zero already in the light, Icardi took the place in the French field. Substitution that would not suit the French star and so would let his coach know. Tuchel himself has been asked about the action in the press conference after the game and has yanked his pupil: “If you think I lack authority … I am the coach. Someone has to decide who goes out and who enters and that is me. Kylian is very intelligent, he knows what he is doing. He does not like to go out. No player likes it. These are not good images, but we are not the only club that has that kind of reaction. I saw it in Dortmund, I saw it before in Liverpool and Manchester City. I see many games and these situations often occur. It is not good, because it opens discussions Our group is very professional and very focused and this type of image gives another impression and it’s a shame I am not angry, I am sad I explained why I did this, it will continue that way, I will continue to decide things sportively. we play tennis, we play football, we have to respect everyone. “ “Ney’s birthday is a distraction”On the other hand, The German coach was honest about another hot topic in Paris today: Neymar’s birthday. The Brazilian celebrates his 28th anniversary this Sunday, February 2 and, although it will be more discreet than in previous years according to the French press, it is still an uncomfortable event for the coach, as he has suggested when asked about it:center_img “I will not say if I will be present, that is another issue. The theme is Ney’s birthday … It’s a distraction. Of course I will always protect my players because they are my players and I love them very much. I prefer to speak internally if we have complicated and critical things to say, I prefer to do it internally. Today’s Kylian anger or Ney’s birthday … gives the image that we are not serious. We can give the image that we are not professionals. Things are not white or black. There are many ways to write between black and white. I know everyone likes to talk in black and white and it’s a shame. It seems that we are not 100% concentrated and that we are not professionals. It’s a shame, but I don’t want to talk too much about it. Things get bigger because we talk a lot about them, “he concluded.last_img

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