first_imgZinedine Zidane appeared in the flash interview to assess the suffered victory of Real Madrid against Getafe (0-3) in the Coliseum. The French coach said he was very happy for the intensity shown by his players and for achieving a triumph in a difficult field.Important win: “Yes, in a difficult field. It is difficult to add here and we did it. It is an important victory. It is a victory fought because we have fought. We achieved a very good result.”What would you highlight about the match your team made? “In the effort, especially solidarity and intensity. We interpreted the game very well. We suffered and it cost us to leave our field in the first part. Playing more directly in the second part we were much better. We got a good result fighting despite not being a great football game. The players have made a very supportive and very serious game. “Getafe is a bone: “Yes and we knew it. We knew it would be difficult for us, but in the end we made it.”How have you countered Getafe: “We knew that they were going to play like that with a more direct game. They are things they always do. We have suffered twice or three times, but with Courtois well in the goal and all solidarity. In the end it is like that. You must suffer in the field and today we suffer. It’s a different game and we have to accept the game that we played today and in the end we got a good result and the goal was zero. I’m happy. They were talking about starting the year badly and today we started well. “Satisfied because it is a victory after three draws?: “That and especially because we started the year well because they told us that we started the year badly. Starting this way is important for us.”Barça pressure: “That’s the least of it. For us it’s what we did today, we add, it’s a very complicated League. Today we can say that the boys have been superblocked, with tremendous intensity and that’s what had to be done.”Varane, scorer: “It is important from time to time to hurt the opponent with a stopped ball. Today we get it.”Fede Valverde started as a substitute: “Everyone is involved. I have 25 players and they always play 11. In the end it is a matter of all. Every time it is up to one to play it is good and it is important when you have a group as good as I have.”Courtois: “Happy and he sure is also very happy with his work. He is our goalkeeper, we are happy for him. We must continue, the goal to zero … Happy. He is my goalkeeper, for me he is the best, I have no doubts.” Morale for the Super Cup: “Now we’re going to rest and then we’ll think about the next game.”Positive: “You have to be very satisfied with such a game in a very complicated field. They squeezed us very well. I am very proud of all the players. Also those who do not play. They are all in and plugged in and that is essential. We will rest first, enjoy this game and from Monday we’ll see Wednesday’s game. “Later, Zidane appeared before the media in the press room of the Coliseum.Modric’s role: “I never count on what is said outside. It is very important. He is demonstrating it. Today he has played a great game. Modric is always Modric. We know what he can contribute and I am happy especially because in the 90 ‘, with Fede, there done that sprint; it means it’s very good. “Another door to zero: “It is also true that we suffered in the first half, a little stopped ball … We had Courtois very well today. We have been a team, which is the most important in this field, with a rival that has tightened us a lot in the first part. We got a good result as a team, everyone. “Favoritism for the Super Cup: “As always, the first thing is to enjoy what we did today. We have just won a league game, now to rest and then we will think about Wednesday. Favorites are the four of us who are going to play it. There is no favorite here.”Key League match: “Clearly. We had complicated matches, in Eibar, against Alavés, today, which has been even more difficult. We have achieved it as a team. It has been a different game, it has cost us to get the ball out. But we must accept these matches . We interpret it very well. “Courtois performance rating: “I value your game well. It has saved us twice or three times in the first half. It has clearly been decisive. He is an important player in our team and he is demonstrating it. Not only in this match, but for a long time. I am happy. for his performance. To follow. “Scorer inflection point: “I used to say that we had to be calm. It’s what we’re going to do, keep working, because this works, and you have to be very serene in the face of goal because sometimes the ball does not fit. Varane’s two goals mean that we have many resources”.If Courtois is the best goalkeeper in the world: “He is my goalkeeper, so for me he is the best, I have no doubt. He is proving it. All the players I have here are the best.”last_img

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