first_imgFacebook14Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy“I Didn’t Realize My Balance Was That Bad – Now I Know Why I Keep Falling Over.” We hear this all the time.  So we are offering our free balance workshop next week, February 5!Photo courtesy: Penrose & Associates Physical TherapyIf you or a loved one have fallen recently, or felt unsteady on your feet – that it has knocked your confidence to move around independently, or even leave the house without someone there to help support you just in case you fall – then I’d like to invite you to attend this new, fun and educational class which may be the most important thing you do this year. It may help you find out if you have problems with your balance that you weren’t even aware of, and exactly what to do if you, or a loved one have recently fallen, and show you a way to get back on your feet and the life you deserve before balance issues struck…A life where you can walk around the store without relying upon the shopping cart, or a loved ones arm to keep you steady…A life where you can move around the house independently and not take 20 minutes to move from the couch, without feeling lightheaded and dizzy…A life where you can pick up and play with your kids/grandkids without worrying when a ‘dizzy spell’ is going to come on and leave you feeling worried…A life where you can do and enjoy all the things you see so many others doing and enjoying, but a fear of falling has kept you from going out and crippled your confidence…Basically, a life without the fear of falling and feeling unsteady on your feet.If You Feel Unsteady On Your Feet, Nervous, And Even Confused About What Can Be Done To Help You,Then Read On… My name is Jennifer Penrose, one of the nation’s leading Physical Therapists, and my team and I have been helping people live with more confidence and getting back on their feet for more than ten years now…And what we know now is that so many people don’t even realize they have problems with their balance, and if they do, are confused by the advice they’ve previously been given, and perhaps even skeptical about their best chances of living with more confidence and being at less risk of falling over unexpectedly in the future… and that’s why I created this fun, educational class entitled: “Balance & Fall Prevention Workshop” – And decided to make it free for you, and a family member or friend, to attend.Here’s What You’ll Learn At This “Balance & Falls” Workshop Why 50-53% of people never even realize they have bad balance in the first place!Fun activities you can do to put your balance to the test and find out if you need to do something to help improve your balance quick, so it doesn’t get in the way of living and enjoying your life.The 3 best exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home, in your living room… that’ll help you get out and about with more confidence.The most successful tips and advice to help decrease the risk of falls, and what to do if you’re worried about a loved one who could be at risk.Here’s What To Do To Attend Our Next Class: Call us now, we have a limited number of seats available for this class to be help at our clinic. Please call us today to register your interest, to ask questions or secure your place by calling free on: 360-456-1444. Or you can visit the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website and register online.– Sincerely, Jennifer Penrose, Penrose Physical TherapyP.S. There are limited seats at this workshop. So please register your interest now and reserve your seat for this workshop.last_img

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