To optimize the site for 3 months because it turned out to be no improvement

who did Shanghai dragon people are confused, some sites 3 months can be ranked in the home for three years, some sites still even natural ranking are not, especially a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novice, will only update the hair of the chain, hair for three months, and then look at the rankings still, there is no effect, still be the search engine to shut out, for the novice is not strong Shanghai dragon, may simply give, Xiao Bian to help more desperate novice, summarizes this article, help you answer why the website operation for three months without ranking, how to operate it for read more

The user needs to search engine optimization right

frequency and density of

even if it is right and the past 07 years, is written book, the book does not require 1 years of time? That is to say this concept in 06 years, is at least not proved the need for 1 years? The earliest this may start in 05 years, such as this has been the past 7 years, we still doubt the search engine development engineer

today, and the Shanghai dragon correlation or web page ranking topic "frequency or density" still can be heard without end things of the past, let him go. read more

From the optimization of the coffee machine station on the Title Optimization plays an important rol

from the above simple analysis, illustrates the importance for a site optimization and promotion of the product title. So when everyone in the promotion or optimization of the title must be written, there might be some novice asked if the title is important so, so how to write a good title? The author will to the coffee machine optimization and website promotion to illustrate.

to the title of a web site for writing, we must first understand what the site is doing what, in order to better understand this writing correlation with the content of the website title, such as the optimization is on the sale of "coffee machine" so I write the title of the website is sure to write with "coffee machine" read more

After the establishment of the station use Adsense tools to help you find more details

2) the lack of the page header. I don’t know what it means, tool there is also no explanation, because I do not know the head area did not write keywords and descriptiond, the love of Shanghai has said, descriptiond will not affect the site ranking, descriptiond will not bring points to your website, there is no descriptiond will not be penalized. So if the page header is the lack of this description refers to this meaning, we can according to their own needs to choose whether to increase the keywords and descriptiond Division I, the selection here is not. read more

On how to do the webmaster website keyword optimization

Related words and keywords? In other words are words related to the user search keywords is. We have 4399 games as examples. 4399 network title is "small games, online games, double games, 4399 small games – www.4399>

keyword related wordsWhat is the brand keywords

4399 and game keywords index comparison chart

Whenever brand!The

network in Dunhuang, foreign trade and B2B keywords index comparison chart


what is the brand keywords? The definition of brand: product nameplate (category), for the identification of the product (category) or service identification, image etc.. It is through a series of brand marketing and promotion activities, the formation of an image in the minds of customers cognition, thus making their products and competitors’ products to distinguish. This is also the role of brand keywords. read more

Novice webmaster third months experience Optimization

on the second day of the first article I successfully passed, my station was pulled into the love of 11 Shanghai phenomenon, all primary key to all 11, some 11 of the following. At first I did not know what love is 11 Shanghai phenomenon, but a keen sense of smell to let me know where I stand out of the question, the love of Shanghai is a platform can learn a lot of things, really love Shanghai search, manual intervention 11 said. I begin to look at their website, excluding a one problem, my site is the original does not exist the problem of collecting, chain I also every day to do, friends of the chain also checked what no problem, the investigation to the later I finally found the key problem, making up, although keyword the density is between 2%-8%, but a few key words really piled up too obvious, as long as the artificial looks to know, not what relations and the theme of the hard, add a keyword in the inside, although it is not a lot, but also to the high density of 6%, I think the problem is definitely a part in it so, I have a few articles included did not put out the decisive 3 changed the title of the article, the other to be displayed on the home page. Statistical tools out of the basic less than 3%. read more

Five step method of self examination web site is down right

first step: whether the content is updated in a timely manner, the original big proportion.

content is the soul of the website, search engine no matter investigating new or old station are put content in the core position, when the site is down to self check whether when haven’t updated content, or update the content are reproduced from the content, even false original not, or reprinted in the content of even the inside of the chain is not removed. If these mistakes should be corrected, then, began to regularly update the contents of the original or false original content to increase the proportion, reduce the content of outbound links, improve the content of freshness and quality. read more

After the link Scindapsus algorithm website Friendship Exchange Standard

After the publication of

before when we were Links exchange will appear more or less connected with the cross of love, Shanghai not released before the algorithm Scindapsus website is rarely drop right or K stand, but after Shanghai announced the green love algorithm behavior of the site will be right down, cross link link exchange is taboo, although cross links can bring more links to a web site, but in turn to link to your site over past is so few, such behavior is not the cause of links is narrow, and the search engines can think your website is to take the cross station or other form of cheating in the operation. You know in China many problems are not only the result of sense. read more

Four to create a site outside the chain for ranking soared

ForumWe have a lot of people to trust the


sometimes we don’t know where that chain, we need to refer to our competitor’s website, or they will lead the way for us, here we can get to the top five rival site analysis, here we can chain application helper nets analysis tool that can analyze a origin a site outside of the chain before 1000. We have the chain of analysis, classification, see which sites included high rate, high weight. During this period the workload very big, we need patience to perform, and then implement, believe that your site outside the chain of quality more and more high, others may need to optimize the three months of the term, as long as you have a month’s time. read more

360 Google advertising cooperation prospects of each one takes what he needs is not optimistic

retreated to Hongkong after the final results for Google is constantly being eroded market share, coupled with the domestic telecommunications sector reasonable shielding against Google, frequently let mainland users cannot access the Google server, which further weakened the influence of Google, many consumers began to love Shanghai, love Shanghai and caused a dominant position.

but Google is not so and 360 sever relations, 360 search from the beginning through the browser to get great flow into, its market share is growing rapidly, but when love Shanghai back to God and suppress 360, technology bottlenecks 360 soon made the grand goal of the 360 special is a blow and a shout, love after Shanghai banned 360 extraction love Shanghai database search results, this trend is more obvious, the market share of 360 began a steady decline at 360 and Google teamed up again, announced on advertising cooperation at the end of 2012, so as to enhance their competitiveness. read more