Looking for effective long tail keywords from the statistical data of key words

can be seen in the figure, the user search keywords into web sites are different, and many of them are for the long tail keywords, long tail keywords, the author thinks that the user loyalty is very good training, after all, search long tail keywords are more accurate for users, and we through to the site optimization on some long tail keywords get ranked after, naturally from the long tail keywords to flow more accurate. So through the statistical tools in the search for long tail keywords, keywords source analysis is the first step. read more

SET is not the first home page or grab the wrong solution

second: adhere to the website update, must not go to reprint, don’t update too much, every day one to two articles, the original is very important, and then put some large blog or news to the platform weight is high, do optimization generally hold on to A5 and the owners of the house where, once included on the weight and ranking of import has greatly improved, in fact most of my website after a problem is so resolved, this is no exception, may be very busy recently, the site does not care, resulting in the current results, it also shows that we have to take care of the site, so he will be better. read more