Pokemon Lets Go on Nintendo Switch Looks Like My Level of Pokemon

first_img Welp, it’s happening. Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch. After weeks of feverish speculation (and in retrospect extremely accurate leaks), Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee for the console/handheld hybrid. So if you’re wondering how the Switch was planning to repeat 2017’s one-two punch of Mario and Zelda, this year it’s Smash Bros. and Pokemon.Now that we can stop guessing about what the Pokemon games on Switch are, we can start reacting to what Pokemon Let’s Go is going to be. And while there are still plenty of questions left to answer before the games launch in November, so far Pokemon Let’s Go looks like my level of Pokemon.I went over this a bit when I first suggested waiting for the inevitable Switch versions of Pokemon back when the Switch was first announced. But my relationship with Pokemon is extremely fair-weather. I think the core RPGs are… good, but they change so little from game to game that I get burned out if I play more than one in the same decade.So just from a timing perspective, Pokemon Let’s Go piques my interest, as the last Pokemon game I really enjoyed was Black and White all the way back on the DS in 2011. I just appreciate seeing a Pokemon game with modern-ish HD console graphics. I’m impressed by how much better the style looks even if these are arguably upgraded 3DS assets.The graphical upgrade isn’t the only thing Let’s Go has to reel in new and lapsed players though. The game is a pseudo-remake of Pokemon Yellow, the enhanced version of the original Pokemon on Game Boy with more anime elements like a partner Pikachu who constantly follows you and wears clothes. While there are like a thousand Pokemon now, for me and I’m sure tons of other people, the only ones worth caring about are those first 151 from twenty years ago. Monsters like Geodude and Psyduck and Charizard are just more iconic than a literal pile of garbage. And seeing them wander with you on the overworld pushes a lot of nostalgia buttons. Stay on target But Pokemon Yellow isn’t the only Pokemon game Let’s Go wants you (or investors) to think about. As the subtitle implies, these Switch games also interact with the smash hit 2016 mobile game Pokemon Go from Niantic. Monsters you catch in the real-world on your phone can be imported into this more substantial Switch game, which is super cool. Blurring fact and fiction even further is the Poke Ball Plus accessory you can use to catch Pokemon in Go or Let’s Go with motion controls and then carry around with you to train them.The Pokemon Go tie-in has naturally become the more controversially part of Let’s Go. While for the most part the game does appear to be in the style of a mainline Pokemon RPG, with an overworld and trainer battles and enemy teams to vanquish, the casual catching mechanic seems to ditch randomized traditional battles in favor of Pokemon Go-style ball throwing at visible Pokemon two players can participate in.Honestly, I don’t really care. The complaint that “this looks like Pokemon for babies” is really strange to me considering all Pokemon games are for babies (and everyone else). Tying the game in with Pokemon Go, the most popular mainstream Pokemon thing maybe ever, seems like a very smart way to transition that massive audience to the already super popular core series. And this mix of simple and substantial is about the level I want to engage with Pokemon these days. Get out of here with your EVs and give me that Eevee.The rest of Let’s Go still looks like a normal Pokemon game, and frankly Pokemon is a series that could stand to be less precious about it’s formula. Pokemon Go became a phenomenon because it executed so well on its incredible base premise of catching Pokemon in the real world. Its gameplay issues are irrelevant, its success is well-deserved, and Game Freak is right to take inspiration from it.Besides, Pokemon Let’s Go wasn’t the only new Pokemon game announced last night. Game Freak also revealed that a new core Pokemon game is coming to Switch sometime in 2019. Presumably that will be the more “real, hardcore Pokemon game” (a paradox in my opinion) fans are now clamoring for. It’s good the team has more team to work on and re-imagine this next generation (having now already experimented with Switch hardware) but I just hope expectations don’t shoot so high up through the roof they become unreasonable.There’s also Pokemon Quest, free now on Switch and soon smartphones. It’s got a cute blocky art style but the adventure basically plays itself and has gross free-to-play mechanics, so I don’t think we’ll be thinking about this one for too long.I’m very interested to see just what the heck Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee are when they launch on Nintendo Switch this holiday. I have hope playing them will be fascinating if nothing else. But if those games and/or Pokemon 2019 just aren’t my thing, I’ll simply try again next decade.Buy it now!Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/EeveeNintendo SwitchProtect Your Nintendo Switch With These Awesome CasesLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img Mint-Condition Set of Pokemon Cards Sold For $107KNew Trailer ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’ Reveals Team Yell Punks last_img read more