Take action and help each other

first_imgParticipants distributed 100 000 litres of water to the community of Borolelo, who are experiencing a severe drought.During Human Rights Month this year, two of the country’s rights are being challenged: the right to access to water and our equality.These very challenges were addressed at Brand South Africa’s Human Rights Month open dialogue in Swartruggens, North West province. Held on Saturday, 12 March, discussions looked at the culture of human rights in South Africa. The underlying theme among all speakers was to take action and help fellow citizens.Discussions took place before participants distributed 100 000 litres of water to the community of Borolelo, who are experiencing a severe drought. Operation Hydrate’s Yaseen Theba said all South Africans should stop criticising each other, the environment and the government for challenges we faced. Instead, we needed to take action to curb these problems.Social advocate Yusuf Abramjee emphasized the need to help each other: “This is exactly what the Play Your Part initiative is about – active citizenry, South Africans using their skills, time and resources to help each other. As citizens we need to see what we can do to tackle some of South Africa’s issues.”Operation Hydrate’s Yaseen Theba said all South Africans should stop criticising each other, the environment and the government for challenges we faced. Instead, we needed to take action to curb these problems.RIDDING SOUTH AFRICA OF RACISMWith President Jacob Zuma declaring 21 March a national day against racism, the issue of racism was brought to the fore in Swartruggens. Speakers stressed the need to unite and build the country.Those who were at the dialogue took the pledge of the Anti-Racism Network South Africa (Arnsa) to eradicate racism. Arnsa is an initiative of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and 80 other organisations. It is leading many of the events taking place during Anti-Racism Week, which runs from 14 to 21 March, ending on Human Rights Day.Project director of Civics Academy, Lerato Motaung, said society needed to build a country the youth would be proud to inherit. “To do so, we need to change the narrative. At present there is a focus on problems and problem-solving. This needs to shift to a discourse of building.”While discussing the Constitution, Tshegofatso Ramokopeloa, the supervising attorney at North West University’s Community Law Centre, said South Africans needed to practice ubuntu within themselves. “Negativity starts and ends with us, as individuals… We need to use our skills, talents, time and resources to help each other – being selfish takes us away from democracy.”last_img read more

How Second Generation Entrepreneurs Are Giving Back to the Startup Community

first_imgTags:#start#tips Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting chris cameron Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img TechStars founder David Cohen posted an insightful blog post earlier this week that mentioned the impact second generation entrepreneurs are having on the current generation of first-time innovators. As Cohen points out, five companies from the 2007 Boulder TechStars class Brightkite, Filtrbox, Intense Debate, MadKast and SocialThing. As the entrepreneurs behind these companies continue on to found their second round of startups, they are simultaneously providing for the newer classes that come through the incubator.“There’s been a dramatic increase in angel investing activity in the communities we’re in,” writes Cohen. “We’ve also noticed that the past TechStars founders are incredibly giving of their time to other companies in their community. They’ve learned the amazing power of sustained mentorship, and they’re giving it back every day. That’s a powerful cycle.” According to Cohen, EventVue founder Josh Fraser treats each year’s new Boulder inductees to lunch where he discusses the lessons he learned through TechStars and offers his support. This is the kind of unique kinship that is often overlooked in the startup community.One region that is very appreciative of the small group of second generation entrepreneurs it has helped grow is Europe where early-stage funding is not as easily secured. Europe often sees successful entrepreneurs hop across the pond to the U.S. where the process of finding funding is much easier, and thus lacks an extensive population of second generation entrepreneurs. The advice and support these innovators can provide is sorely missed in Europe.The incubation process and subsequent graduation turns the incubator into an alma mater for the entrepreneurs. In the future, they will want to come back for their homecoming and provide their advice and support for the next class of graduates-to-be. But perhaps this is a phenomenon that is unique to TechStars or Boulder – a very close-knit and supportive startup community.Are incubator graduates making themselves available to help subsequent classes of startups in other areas as well? Lets us know in comments if you are familiar with any other incubator cultures that breed this type of support ecosystem.Image by Flickr user northpolemama. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Facebook Games Gets Fun New Boss

first_imgTags:#gaming#news#social networks#web A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification Gaming is one of the main reasons people keep that Facebook tab open all day. It’s no coincidence that the rise in social games has paralleled Facebook’s explosion — and visa versa. The games really reinforce the social connections and in some cases, for people who “friend” in order to expand their gaming networks, games drive those social connections.As the gaming companies themselves grow strong, like mega-time-eating-monster Zynga, Facebook will need a capable strategist to make sure that the balance of power between the platform and the participants remains favorable to all. Or at least to Facebook.Given Ryan’s past statements about entertainment ecosystem power dynamics, this is no doubt something he will be comfortable addressing. Given his willingness to spend four years as the CEO of a social network targeting 14-22 year olds with customizable 3D cartoon avatars as a form of self expression and a delivery mechanism for brand messaging, it’s hard to guess what the net gain or loss for humanity will be of Ryan’s new position.Right: Some geeks like Meez. Photo by Nano Taboada. The man who ran that obnoxious avatar social network Meez for four years, Sean Ryan, has taken a position as the head of Facebook’s gaming platform, according to a report this afternoon by Kara Swisher.Ryan has held a number of positions throughout the last 15 years, including running Listen.com, which acquired the company that became Rhapsody and then sold to Real Networks. He was an outspoken critic of Microsoft’s Zune, its licensing arrangements with major labels and the impact they had on the rest of the music industry. “I understand that in a capitalist society the labels are just maximizing returns wherever they can,” he wrote in 2006, “but this deal is the slippery slope to Hell for all other players in the category.” Sounds like a fun guy to be in charge of games at Facebook. What is the significance of gaming on Facebook? As ReadWriteWeb’s Audrey Watters, a game player herself, says: The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos marshall kirkpatrick Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… Related Posts last_img read more

4 Easy Ways to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic

first_imgThere’s more that goes into capturing cinematic drone footage than just buying the right aircraft. Let’s take a look at some aerial cinematography tips.Top image from ShutterstockThere’s no denying that beautiful drone footage can add a tremendous amount of production value to your film project. After all, up until just a few years ago, aerial cinematography was reserved for only the highest budget films and commercial projects.Cost-effective drones like the DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 have opened up possibilities for filmmakers on a budget to achieve Hollywood blockbuster-looking results. That said, many indie productions end up actually hurting their production value by using drones, because they ignore the following 4 tips:1. Understand Your Camera’s LimitationsThe vast majority of affordable drone cameras don’t perform particularly well in certain conditions – namely low light. Do camera tests with your drone before using it on your next project to know its breaking point, and never just assume it’ll perform well in low-light situations. If you truly need a low-light aerial camera, consider renting a bigger rig that can handle a RED or similar camera.Here’s a video featuring the DJI Phantom 3 at ISO 1600. Clearly the overall quality of the image isn’t ideal:2. Keep Your Camera Moves in CheckJust because you can operate your drone with precision, doesn’t mean that every drone shot you use needs to be elaborate. Sometimes the most effective drone shots are still, hovering aerial shots that offer a unique perspective or angle. Use camera moves only as needed, and know that any camera movement says something to your audience about where to look or what to feel. Always approach this tastefully.3. Be Efficient in the EditImage from ShutterstockMany first-time drone filmmakers have a tendency to overuse their aerial footage in the edit, since it’s still very much a novelty for them. Always remember that less is more with drone footage. That is, unless you’re shooting an entire short film on a drone or completing some sort of specialty shot, of course. In most cases, you’re going to be better off using the drone footage more sparsely, which will also allow you to choose only the best moments for your film.4. Use Film EmulationAs sharp as many stock drone cameras may be, they often tend to have more of a video look to them when compared to traditional cinema cameras. This can certainly be offset by doing some light color grading in post, but I’d always recommend going the extra mile and using film emulation on the footage to help it look more cinematic. FilmConvert is my personal favorite option for emulating the film look, and the video below is a great example of what’s possible with their software:Got any tips for your fellow drone pilots? What do you think is the key to great aerial footage? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more


first_imgTyson Foods is citing higher tariffs and uncertainty about trade policies in cutting its profit forecast.The Springdale, Arkansas-based company said Monday the tariffs are primarily affecting chicken and pork prices, in the U.S. and elsewhere.President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on a range of goods, and China retaliated with tariffs on U.S. exports.Tariffs on steel and aluminum have pressured automakers, and General Motors also cut its outlook for the year.Tyson Foods Inc. says it now expects adjusted earnings of about $5.70 to $6 for the year.It previously expected $6.55 to $6.70 per share.CEO Tom Hayes said “changing global trade policies here and abroad” and “the uncertainty of any resolution” contributed to lower prices and an oversupply.Tyson shares fell 6 percent after the news came out.last_img read more