Despite assurances of access Israel still blocks UN aid from reaching Jenin

“The UN has been extremely worried about the steady stream of unconfirmed reports of widespread suffering and destruction, yet we have been prevented from reaching those in need,” Fred Eckhard told reporters in New York. Mr. Eckhard said that on Wednesday, the Israeli Defence Force had assured the UN that a team of humanitarian and medical personnel would be given access to the camp to bring in food and medical supplies, evacuate dead bodies as well as the wounded, and assess the most immediate emergency needs of the population. Although today the IDF did facilitate entry into Jenin town, the team, after waiting for over four hours, “was informed by Israeli military authorities that they would not be given access to the camp on security grounds.” The United Nations called on the Israeli Government to provide immediate access, the spokesman said, adding that international aid workers remained in Jenin town, “available to enter the camp as soon as access is granted.”Meanwhile, a team from the UN Relief Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) was able to get a truckload of food supplies, tents, and powdered milk into Jenin town and hospital, according to the spokesman.Voicing concern over the situation in the area, Mr. Eckhard cited reports indicating that water and electricity supplies had been cut off since the camp was sealed off by the Israeli authorities nine days ago. He noted that the UN had been unable to deliver food since then, while during the entire period the area had been under round-the-clock curfew. read more

8 words that have lost all meaning in modern life

first_img Source: Flickr/jblahblalblahHe got a round in, guys, he didn’t save any children from a burning building.Random Source: Flickr/bichxaLike Source: Flickr/grisha_21An Irish verbal tic. We’re all guilty of it.Banter Source: Flickr/crashoverreasonEpic Source: Flickr/Tree Leaf CloverSeriously, Coppers last night is not to be likened to mythic, heroic acts of bravery.LegendarySee above. Source: Flickr/Silence a gogoWhat words have lost all meaning for you? Like, literally, just have some epic banter in the comments. h/t AskRedditRead: 13 useful phrases you’ll only hear in Ireland>Read: “Selfie” has been added to the Irish language dictionary> AS MARK MCCABE sang on his seminal classic “Maniac 2000″ – life: it has no meaning.But what about words? They seem to be losing their meaning at a rate of knots. Words that had fixed, dependable definitions only one generation ago seem to be coming loose and shifting around like some sort of linguistic tectonic plate during an earthquake.Let’s check out the damage.Literally Source: Flickr/BataraAre you? Oh, are you REALLY?HackingNowadays, posting a status from a friend’s Facebook account is referred to as “hacking”. Source: Flickr/fakelvisIt’s not.Herolast_img read more