China Bans Xinjiang Muslims from Fasting during Ramadan

Tinejdad, Morocco- Muslims around the world celebrated the beginning of Ramadan last weekend, but some in China have been banned from fasting during the holy month, a religious duty that is the 4th pillar or obligation of Islam.The Chinese authorities on Wednesday imposed a ban on Muslim students, teachers, and civil servants in the northwestern province of Xinjiang from fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.Following similar restrictions in previous years, the atheist Chinese ruling communist party has barred Muslims in Xinjiang, a mostly Muslim dominant region, from fasting during Ramadan. Home to many ethnic groups, Xinjiang is an autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China in the northwest of the country with a majority of its population followers of Islam.According to France Agence Presse (AFP), several government departments posted notices on their websites, “banning civil servants, students, and teachers in Xinjiang from taking part in Ramadan fasting.”“Civil servants and students cannot take part in fasting and other religious activities,”the Commercial Affairs Bureau of Turfan city said on its website on Monday, according to AFP.  The same source added that the state-run Bozhou Radio and TV University said on its website that it would “enforce the ban on party members, teachers, and young people from taking part in Ramadan activities.”The spokesman for the exiled World Uygur Congress, Dilxadi Rexiti,warned that these “kinds of coercive measures, restricting the faith of Uygurs,”imposed by China,“will create more conflict.”“We call on China to ensure religious freedom for Uygurs and stop political repression of Ramadan,” he added.The Chinese government explained its action as part of its duty to ensure a healthy life for all its citizens.  Others regard fasting as part of religious freedom, a fundamental human right guaranteed by constitutions worldwide. read more

13 reallife moments scarier than any horror movie

first_imgLET’S FACE IT: life is terrifying. Here’s the worst of it.1. A poster falling off the wall at night Source: TumblrFalls down by day: irritation. Falls down by night: terrifying monster breaking down your door.2. Walking through a door and finding someone there unexpectedly Source: TumblrEspecially when you’re in a vulnerable position, like just out of the shower. Or you live with one of those people who move about silently, cat-like, and you can never tell where they are.3. When an unknown number rings your phone Source: WordPressWhat it definitely is: someone pestering you to take a questionnaire, or the Revenue saying you owe them thousands of euro, or a hitman with a contract out on you for some reason.What it definitely isn’t: Anything good.4. Accidentally sending an email to the person the email’s about Source: WordPressStage 1: lurch in the pit of your stomach. Stage 2: desperately trying to claw the email back, hit Cancel, quit all programmes (none of which works of course). Stage 3: despair and skin-tingling dread.5. The doorbell ringing when you’re not expecting anyone and you haven’t paid your TV licence yet Source: TumblrTHEY’VE COME FOR US.6. Suddenly realising you were supposed to prepare a presentation for the meeting that’s in five minutes Source: WordPressHow could you have forgotten? HOW? This is the end of everything.7. Getting a voicemail Source: PieceofheavenNone of your friends would leave a voicemail. This means it’s either your parents, or someone telling you you owe them money.8. Rolling backwards in your car on a hill start Source: WordPressCue desperate pedal-slamming; putting on handbrake AND footbrake; frantically checking to see you haven’t rolled into anyone. Then missing the lights and making everyone behind you honk furiously.9. Waking up hungover and realising your mother-in-law is coming round Source: PhotoBucketYOU’VE GOT TO HAVE POLITE TEA OUT OF A TEAPOT. YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE CONVERSATION. YOU CAN’T LIE ON THE SOFA AND WATCH COOKERY PROGRAMMES FOR HOURS. THIS IS HELL.10. Checking your bank balance Source: WordPressAnd staring into the terrifying money void.11. Bed jolts as you’re falling asleep Source: TumblrHigh likelihood that your body has been possessed by a demon of some kind.12. Sleeping through your alarm Source: MikethefanboyAnd the feeling when you finally wake up and see the clock.13. Reading through your sent messages the morning after Source: TvtomeNo words.The Terrifying Moments Support Group is now in session. Please leave all contributions in the comments below.18 of the greatest Halloween pumpkins ever carved>26 wonderful photos of terrified Irish lads in a haunted house>last_img read more